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Kate is a teacher and ABA's Social Media Strategist. As well as being a lover of all things content and community, she has been teaching English for over 10 years and has taught in Cambodia, India and Spain.

English Language Day – Let’s Celebrate!


Hey ABA family! Happy English Language Day! Wait, what’s that you say? You didn’t know English Language Day existed…? It sure does! In 2010 the United Nations officially declared the 23rd April the day where this marvellous language would be celebrated the world over and what better occasion for us here at ABA to highlight just how amazing English really is! ...

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English Vocabulary – At the Post Office


Hey! Would you like to hear a joke? An old woman took a package to the post office to mail and was told it would cost $3.95 for fast delivery or $2.30 for slower service. “There is no hurry,” she told the clerk, “just so the package is delivered in my lifetime.” He glanced at her and said, “That will be ...

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The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs: Pagan Customs?


Hello there! Holy Week, just like Christmas, is an important religious holiday in countries with Catholic customs. But how do we celebrate this tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries like the UK or the United States where Christian customs are so different from those of southern countries? Let’s find it out togehter! Also, you will learn new words! The bunny that gives Easter ...

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International Women’s Day


Hello there! International Women’s Day (IWD) is annually held on March 8 to commemorate women’s struggle around the world for a society with equal rights and conditions. In recent years many milestones have been reached and many barriers have been broken down, but there are still many basic rights to be won, especially in the world’s most disadvantaged areas. To celebrate this day we’re ...

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American Accent Tips


Hi everyone! Now that you’ve read our post on British accents, we want to teach you how to improve your American accent. American accents vary greatly depending on the state/region. A person from Minnesota will not have the same accent as someone from Louisiana or California. Southerners tend to speak more slowly than Northerners. Some vocabulary words also vary. However, we ...

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How and When to Use Indirect Questions


Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to look at indirect questions. There are two main ways of asking questions in English: directly and indirectly. Both have the same meaning. However, we use indirect questions when we want to be more polite or more formal.

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