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Debate Vocabulary


What’s up guys! Do you ever find yourselves in situations where you have to debate a topic, or maybe situations where not everyone is going to agree with your opinion? Do you find that sometimes you lack the necessary vocabulary to get your point across or even to express your content or discontent at someone else’s point of view? Not ...

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English Language Day – Let’s Celebrate!


Hey ABA family! Happy English Language Day! Wait, what’s that you say? You didn’t know English Language Day existed…? It sure does! In 2010 the United Nations officially declared the 23rd April the day where this marvellous language would be celebrated the world over and what better occasion for us here at ABA to highlight just how amazing English really is! ...

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English Vocabulary – At the Post Office


Hey! Would you like to hear a joke? An old woman took a package to the post office to mail and was told it would cost $3.95 for fast delivery or $2.30 for slower service. “There is no hurry,” she told the clerk, “just so the package is delivered in my lifetime.” He glanced at her and said, “That will be ...

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Vocabulary Games – Learn English in a Group


Hello! Learning English in a group can be great fun so get your friends together, make some delicious food and have a laugh! Simple games are a fantastic way to consolidate your knowledge of a language while also learning from others. We are going to show you three simple games that are sure to entertain you and your friends. Ready? ...

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Ways of saying “very good”


Hello, everyone! Are you tired of always saying that something is “good” or “very good”? Don’t you wish that there was another way of emphasising how good something is? Well, if that is your dilemma, then you have come to the right place! Using new vocabulary in English can help boost your knowledge and confidence and help you speak English ...

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Using the phone in English


Hello ABA Family! Today we’re going to learn how to talk on the phone in English. Speaking on the phone can be difficult for a person learning a new language, especially as you are not able to see the person you are speaking to and are not able to read their lips in order to better understand what they are ...

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How to write a Cover Letter


Hello ABA friends! Looking for a job is something all of us do at some stage in our lives, be it in our own country or abroad. When looking for work, it is always important to add information about your experience. Some employers may require more information than what you have on your CV. If that is the case you ...

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