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English Vocabulary

Debate Vocabulary


What’s up guys! Do you ever find yourselves in situations where you have to debate a topic, or maybe situations where not everyone is going to agree with your opinion? Do you find that sometimes you lack the necessary vocabulary to get your point across or even to express your content or discontent at someone else’s point of view? Not ...

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Ways of saying “very good”


Hello, everyone! Are you tired of always saying that something is “good” or “very good”? Don’t you wish that there was another way of emphasising how good something is? Well, if that is your dilemma, then you have come to the right place! Using new vocabulary in English can help boost your knowledge and confidence and help you speak English ...

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English Vocabulary – Benefit


Hello, students! I hope life is treating you well. Today I want to teach you about a sometimes confusing word for English learners, ‘benefit’, and we will look at four of its main meanings. Meaning 1 Extra money or advantages that you get in addition to your salary as part of your job. Example: In the US many employers offer ...

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Popular Acronyms in English


How are YOU all today? Since English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it is spoken in many different countries and in many different ways. An important aspect of languages which we need to take into account is that they are always evolving. That said, many new English acronyms have evolved as part of English, and are widely used ...

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