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Learn English with the News: “Cliff Diving”


Today’s lesson is all about diving. Diving into learning or diving into the ocean from a cliff. Watch the amazing video of diver Lobue; it gave us here at ABA English a bit of vertigo!

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the video


The diving platform with a stunning view. The Blue Lagoon on the coast of Wales played host to a cliff diving contest. The eighth in a series of nine, competitors had to plummet 27 meters or nearly 90 feet into the Celtic Sea.

Britain’s Gary Hunt got third spot in front of a home crowd. And series leader, Orlando Duque of Colombia came in second with a dramatic dive. But the plunge that impressed judges most came from the U.S.’s Steven Lobue. Lobue arrived late at the venue because of a delayed flight. Which contributed to his performance’s spontaneity and secured his victory.

– I just came in with an attitude and like forget it let’s do this, you know what I mean. Came out and just went and didn’t think too much about what I was doing. Just went up and kind of let it happen.

The final round will be held in Oman on September 27.


Play host – A place or organization that plays host to an event (such as a meeting or convention) provides the things that are needed for that event.

Cliff – a high, steep surface of rock, earth, or ice.

Plummet – to fall suddenly straight down especially from a very high place.

Delayed – to make (something or someone) late : to make (something or someone) take longer than expected or planned.

Spontaneity – the quality or state of being spontaneous.



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