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Teacher’s Tips – Already vs. All ready


How are you today?

Are you all ready to start the weekend? Or should I say are you already to start the weekend?


Oh no! We have an error in one of those sentences. Don’t worry, all ready vs. already is a common mistake in English for both English learners and native speakers.

So today we are going to take a look at the difference.

The first very important point is that “all ready” is a way to put emphasis on “ready.” To say that someone/something is completely ready or prepared.

I am ready.
I am all ready.

Both sentences are correct but the second one puts more stress on the fact I am entirely ready.

Take a listen to this song and see if you can find a place where “all ready” can be substituted for “ready.” What about “already”? Can you find it in the song?

So now we know how to use “all ready” but what about “already” ?

Already is an adverb used to describe things that have happened before now and usually that have happened earlier than expected. For example:

1) They are not hungry because they have already eaten.

2) She has finished her homework already.

Notice that the adverb “already” can be placed before the main verb (in sentence #1 have is the auxiliary verb and left is the main verb) or at the end of the sentence as seen in #2.

Well, that’s all for now. As you should already know we want to help you learn lots and hope you are feeling all ready to continue doing so!

Have a great weekend!

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Kate is a teacher and ABA's Social Media Strategist. As well as being a lover of all things content and community, she has been teaching English for over 10 years and has taught in Cambodia, India and Spain.

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  1. These songs are very pretties, and learn with them is joyful! Thank you

  2. Ok I understand.

  3. All my bags are packed I’m “all ready” to go.
    bye bye

  4. Silvio Luiz A. Silva

    In this song, I sow de word ready ” All my bags packed I’m ready to go” and the word Already “Already I’m so lonesome”, but I do not saw All Ready. I think undrestood this.


  5. Hello!

    How are you?

    Thanks for this song but I don’t understand.

    Could you send me the translation of the song?

    Thanks for the explanation of the difference between ALLREDAY and ALREADY.

    Have a good day!


  6. I like your message every Friday. It’ s very appreciated … Thanks a lot

  7. Well, believe it or not, I find this song so romantic.. I’ve forgotten the grammar and my mind has flown away.
    I alrealy love this song and I feel all ready to listen to it again.
    Thanks for this method of teaching us.

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