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Teacher’s Tips – Feeling nostalgic

Feeling nostalgic?

Most of the time, nostalgia is considered to be a bad feeling; if you look up the word’s definition you will find many definitions such as:

“A bittersweet longing for things, people, or situations of the past”

However, we would like to add that you only feel nostalgic about the good things or situations you have experienced and the good people you have met that you miss. Feeling nostalgia is a nice feeling then because it just means you have had a good life.

One of the meanings of the verb “to miss” is “to feel the absence of something or someone” but you may know where the things or people you miss are. However ,“to lose” means “not to know where someone or something is”.

You generally feel nostalgic about the things you miss and not those you have lost.


Most of the time – “most” indicates a great majority of; nearly all.
For example: “Most people like chocolate = The majority of people like chocolate”.

Look up - to discover (something necessary) by going to a work of reference, such as a dictionary. We usually look things up in a dictionary, a guide book, or on the Internet.

Longing - a feeling of wanting something or someone very much.
For example: “I have a longing for my homeland at times”

All-time - An all-time high, low, best, etc. is the highest, lowest, best, etc. level that has ever been. My all-time favorite film is “Same Time, Next Year”. I absolutely love it, and for me it is better than any other film.

1.- Choose a language and find the complete explanation of the difference between these two verbs.

English // Spanish // French // Portuguese // Italian

2.- Enjoy the song.

(You can also find Lost in Love here)


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  1. I loved hearing this song, I like Air Supply from a child!!!

  2. Hi
    I listen this song, it is a beautiful but I think at this love that ‘Air supply’ sing looks it wasn’t reciprocate. Then it make me a feeling of nostalgic about some things I can’t reach. However all this is interestin to learn english.
    best regards

  3. ‘Lost in love’ is a beautiful song and I have appreciated it much more because of the lyrics…. at last I’ve been able to understand the inner message in addition to a very nice music… Yes, I agree on the connection between ‘to miss’ and nostalgia about good things and people we met in our life. Actually we feel nostalgic about the most part of our past life and we normally miss everything of our childhood…. but the eccess in this practice is dangerous because after nostalgia we feel sad and unhappy: happiness is living in the present, that is all what we have… the past never comes back again and the future is in the future: our only tresor is the present reality…

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