The best method to learn basic English

If you are a beginner and that you want to learn English whenever and wherever you like and at your own rhythm, there is nothing better than our distance English course.

To learn basic English:

How do we begin to speak English?

If you begin from a basic English level, you will learn English more rapidly by imitating and repeating what you see and hear. It is the best way to begin to speak English: To see and Listen, Understand and Repeat.

With the interactive ABAEnglish course, you can speak in English as soon as the first day by repeating what you see in the situations. You learn English without effort because as you learn, you have fun.

How are the assets consolidated?

Corrigiendo errores y estudiando reglas. By correcting your errors and studying the rules. guarantee your evolution, the course has a personal teacher who corrects your English exercises and your pronunciation, and who corrects with live voice! You will also study English grammar which is adapted to the different course levels, from English for beginners to more advanced English.

And remember:

Moreover, when you complete the first English level (Beginners), you can obtain your first English diploma of ABA English.

Begin today to learn basic English, try this new method!

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