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About us

  • Online English Academy

    ABA English is the most effective, fun and enjoyable method for learning English online.

    The online academy ABA English offers a unique teaching methodology and uses its own proprietary technology.

    Headquartered in Barcelona, ABA English comprises a diverse team of people from different nationalities –UK, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, among others- who contribute their expertise in various fields: English teaching, e-learning, computer technologies, e-commerce and management.

    ABA English is the online school of  American & British Academy, an institution with over 30 years experience in distance-education of English.

  • Several years ago American & British Academy gathered a multinational team of European and American philologists, linguists and computer experts. This group of international experts developed American & British Academy’s e-learning proprietary teaching method and technology, with a double goal: in addition to assuring the highest pedagogical content, the ABA English online academy would also provide a system which would be fun to learn.

  • Here at ABA English we believe that studying and learning English is not just about being able to get around and making yourself understood wherever you go. It is not only about understanding business, about sightseeing without problems or studying abroad. It’s much more than just being able to fully enjoy your favourite songs and films. It is the feeling of confidence it produces, the confidence of knowing that you are in tune with the modern world.