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From beginners to advanced
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144 Free Video Classes

With the 144 free video classes you learn English grammar little by little

Let the best American & British Academy teachers explain English grammatical structures and communicative functions to you.

The units are divided into six difficulty levels, from Beginners to Business, and you receive help from your teacher throughout the learning process.
"Finally an English course all the family like. We now speak to our kids in English!" - Kristin P & David C (48)
"I'm hooked on the ABA Films. I can finally understand all films in English." - Vincent M (22)
"I've finally overcome my fear of speaking English in job interviews. Now I want to be asked questions in English!" - Maria F (36)

A wide range of content in the lessons to learn English in a fun and complete way


1. ABA Film

You will watch a short film of a current real-life situation.

Hören und Sprechen

2. Speak

You will study the dialogue from the ABA Film.


3. Write

You will do a dictation with all the sentences from the ABA Film.


4. Interpret

You will experience a real-life situation from the ABA Film by interpreting the characters.


5. Video Class

You will learn grammar with a video and then you will be able to consult the written version of it.


6. Exercises

You will practise what you've learnt with written exercises.


7. Vocabulary

You will consolidate and learn how to pronounce the new vocabulary correctly.


8. Assessment

You will do a final test to check what you've learnt.

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ABA Films: Learn with Films

Watching films in their original language is the best way to learn foreign languages!

Here at ABA English we have unique exclusive short films to base learning English on

The ABA Films reflect daily real-life situations in the UK or the US and make the learning process enjoyable and entertaining.
Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide have put their trust in ABA English's courses for over 30 years!

Your own English tutor

In the 144 free video classes our teachers will explain English grammar to you in an entertaining and detailed way.

They will be available for any questions you might have and will help you throughout the learning process. You can contact your teacher whenever you need to.