Course. English Levels. Advanced

Course. English Levels. Advanced


The ADVANCED English course is intended for our most advanced students.

You will be able to understand structured and coherent texts and communicate fluently with native students.

You will find 24 units (approximately 130 study hours) and you will learn a total of 584 new words. You will also learn how to use impersonal expressions, how to use the gerund in its various forms and the different types of action verbs in English. You will also learn more detailed usage of adverbs, adjectives and pronouns which are essential for the study of an advanced level of English.

This level corresponds to the B2-C1 level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

You will study in a fun and easy way the following grammatical structures and communicative functions:

  • Compound words with some
  • Compound words with any
  • Compound words with no
  • Compound words with very
  • The pronoun one
  • The adverb else
  • Expressions of frequency in English
  • Impersonal sentences with it I
  • Impersonal sentences with it II
  • I also like it, me too, so do I
  • I don’t like it either, neither do I
  • Why don’t …?
  • Past Continuous
  • The Gerund in English
  • The Gerund after prepositions
  • The Gerund after verbs
  • The Gerund after a verb + a preposition
  • The Gerund after an adjective + a preposition
  • The Gerund with to do
  • To do versus to make
  • Gerundio con to go
  • To go followed by a preposition
  • To get