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Lower Intermediate English Course | ABA English

Course. English Levels. Lower Intermediate


The LOWER INTERMEDIATE English course is intended for people with a basic knowledge of English.

When you finish this level you will be able to communicate simply with sentences relating to real-life situations and cope in an English-speaking country.

You will find 24 units (approximately 86 study hours) and you will learn a total of 622 new words. You will be able to express yourself in the present and the future and with the necessary adjectives and adverbs to do so.

This level corresponds to the A2 level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


You will study in a fun and easy way the following grammatical structures and communicative functions:


  • The verb to have in the affirmative
  • To have in the negative and questions
  • Some and any
  • There isThere are
  • Adverbs of quantity – much, many, …
  • Possessive adjectives in English
  • Adjectives and demonstrative pronouns in English
  • The Saxon genitive – my father’s car and whose
  • Possessive pronouns in English
  • Object pronouns in English
  • Qualifying adjectives in English
  • Expressing age in English
  • The Present Continuous
  • The Present Continuous versus the Simple Present
  • The Future with the Simple Present and Present Continuous
  • The Future with will
  • Shall to make offers and suggestions
  • Requests with will and would
  • Making offers- Do you want …?
  • Making suggestions – Do you want to …?
  • Offering to do something – Do you want me to …?
  • Replies to offers and suggestions
  • The Future with going to
  • The Future: I will fly – I’m going to fly – I’m flying