Index of course Units

And discover over 300 protagonists!

Index of course units

Our English course consists of 144 units: each unit allows you to learn a different grammatical structure or communicative function via short films based on real-life experiences. You will learn with over 300 British and American characters!

97. The Invitation

Compound words with ‘some’ in English

"Sam and Jane are workmates. Sam loves Jane and plays a nice trick on her…"

98. The Weekly Schedule

Compound words with ‘any’ in English

"Jill is very organized and carefully prepares the week to have everything scheduled in. Francis is the complete opposite and is horrified at the idea…"

99. Sundays

Compound words with ‘no’ in English

"Henry and Michael are friends but are very different. They are talking about Sundays: Henry loves Sundays and Michael hates them…"

100. Prince Charming

Compound words with ‘every’ in English

"Christine is divorced and worried because she hasn’t found a partner in a long time. Molly explains a very fun idea to her…"

101. The Vanity Case

The pronoun ‘one’

"A pleasant conversation between a woman who is going to buy a vanity case and the shop assistant…"

102. The Beach Bar

How to use the adverb ‘else’

"Vince suggests going to eat seafood and drink white wine at a beach bar at the port to Penny. The idea makes Penny think of the past…"

103. The Hairdresser’s

Expressions of frequency in English

"Steve and Marcia met a couple of months ago. They are talking about their respective hairdressers…"

104. 29th February

Impersonal sentences with ‘it’ (part I)

"Paul calls Rosemary to invite her to his birthday party…"

105. Irene’s Story

Impersonal sentences with ‘it’ (part II)

"An elderly lady, Irene, happens to meet a young boy, Alfred, on a train. They happen to have many things in common…"

106. Listening to Music

How to agree with an affirmative statement: ‘I also like it’, ‘me too’ and ‘so do I’

"Andrea says she spends her life listening to music. Jill says she also likes listening to music but not while she is reading or talking to someone…"

107. Lady in Red

Agreeing with negative statements

"Harold and Ruth have gone for dinner at George and Margaret’s house with several other people. When they leave they talk about how the evening has gone …"

108. Supper at Samuel’s House

How to give advice and make suggestions with ‘why don’t…?’

"Samuel and Steven are having a few drinks at home before dinner. Their wives are talking on the sofa…"

109. The Journalist and the Architect

The past continuous in English

"Laura is an architect and Max is a journalist. They are happily talking and have an interesting and funny conversation …"

110. The Zodiac

Gerunds in English

"Henry and Philip, two friends, are talking about their holidays. They are both very different…"

111. Sunshine’s Wigs

Using gerunds after prepositions in English

"Sunshine has a trick for keeping her husband eternally in love. Catherine wants to know what it is…"

112. Emotions

Using gerunds after verbs in English

"Helen is in love and happy to be so. Anne considers that falling in love is an illness…"

113. Multi-screen Movie Theaters

Gerunds after a verb and a preoposition in English

"Jerry and Scott have a pleasant chat about multi-screen movie theaters…"

114. Tobacco

Gerunds after an adjective and a preoposition in English

"Albert has tried giving up smoking thousands of times. He has had all types of treatments. Today he doesn’t want to have dinner with Jonathan because if he has dinner and drinks, he will smoke again…"

115. Moving In

Gerunds with ‘to do’ in English

"Gloria has just moved house. She is in her new house, having breakfast in bed and relaxing as she has been very busy when her friend Debbie calls her…"

116. Mr Doer

Differences between the verbs ‘to do’ and ‘to make’

"Joseph calls his friend Stuart to propose a project. He knows that Stuart is an important executive and he also knows that he himself isn’t. But Stuart has just decided he wants to change…"

117. Vacation

Gerunds with ‘to go’ in English

"Emma is spending an unusual vacation only two hours from San Francisco. Alison calls her and hears how much fun she is having and decides to go there immediately…"

118. Flat Swap

Using the verb ‘to go’ followed by a preposition

"Two sisters, Anna and Deborah, discover a home swap agency and they discover a whole new world of possibilities for their holidays…"

119. Frank’s Doubts

How to use the verb ‘to get’

"Frank always has doubts about everything, even with trivial everyday decisions. Luckily Cindy, his wife, is used to his doubts…"

120. Mexico City

Using the verb ‘to be’ followed by a preposition

"Charlie is about to go on holiday to Mexico. Wilfred knows Mexico and is giving him advice and ideas…"