Index of course Units

And discover over 300 protagonists!

Index of course units

Our English course consists of 144 units: each unit allows you to learn a different grammatical structure or communicative function via short films based on real-life experiences. You will learn with over 300 British and American characters!

1. A Day at the Beach

Personal pronouns and the verb “to be” in present simple

"Two friends, Karen are Paul, are sunbathing on the beach. The weather is lovely and Paul is delighted with the sea, the beach and the girl beside him …"

2. A New Friend

The present simple of the verb “to be” in questions

"Karen and Diana are in a bar waiting for Karen’s new friend. Diana wants to know if Karen is in love with him or if he is just a friend. Suddenly he arrives…"

3. A Chat on the Subway

Contractions in English with the verb “to be”

"Rose and Mike are on the subway talking about their friends Edward and Margaret…"

4. At Breakfast

Articles and plurals in English

"The guest at a hotel goes down for breakfast and a waiter sees to him…"

5. The Hotel Doorman

How to greet people and use titles correctly in English

"Peter, a hotel doorman and former soldier retired from the Indian army, well-known by all the regulars, spends all day in the lobby greeting the guests who come in and out. "

6. The Party

How to greet people correctly in English

"Frank introduces David to a very pretty girl, Suzanne, at a party. David immediately feels attracted to her and completely devotes himself to her…"

7. The Medical Conference

The English alphabet and spelling

"The people attending a medical conference arrive and a hostess welcomes them and takes down their personal details …"

8. Mr Memory

Numbers in English

"Robert has a technique to remember phone numbers. Sharon listens to him but can’t quite believe what he is saying…"

9. The Delay

How to tell the time in English

"Two workmates are in the office talking, first thing in the morning, about an important meeting due to take place that day…"

10. The Question

Days, months, dates and ordinal numbers in English

"Susan and Frank are talking in the kitchen at breakfast time …"

11. Susan’s Baby

How to speak on the phone in English

"Carol calls the hospital to speak to her friend Susan who has just had a baby girl…"

12. The Depressed Workmate

How to ask for confirmation using the verb “to be”

"Andy, the person in charge of a construction site, speaks to Arthur, a worker who is a bit depressed…"

13. A Funny Chat at the Pub

Classifying English verbs

"Sam and Elisabeth are English teachers. Sam explains some very original ideas about English grammar and they have fun talking about them…"

14. Five Hours A Week

The present simple in English

"A student is learning English on his computer. Suddenly John appears on the screen and introduces himself as his English teacher. They both talk about how many hours he must devote to learning English…"

15. The Jealous Friend

The verb “to do” as an auxiliary verb

"Annie and Edward talk about Henry. Edward is jealous of Henry and they have an argument…"

16. The Grumpy Grandpa

Adverbs of frequency “always” and “sometimes”

"Sheena’s grandpa tells her off for being late…"

17. Tom and Mary are Different

The verb ‘to like’

"Two friends, Tom and Mary, are eating and talking about themselves and how different they are…"

18. An Unnecessary Question

Interrogative pronouns: ‘what’ and ‘which’

"An elderly lady is buying a train ticket to Brighton and she tries to have a conversation con with the man working at the station, but he does not have any desire or time to speak…"

19. A Call from Australia

Interrogative pronouns: ‘how’ and ‘what’…like’

"Sheila calls her house from Australia and speaks to her brother Frank…"

20. A Spectacular Couple

Interrogative pronouns: ‘who’ and ‘where’

"Whitney and her friend Keith, a photographer, pass a spectacular couple: a model and a famous tennis player. They are Whitney’s neighbours…"

21. Happy Birthday

Prepositions of place in English: ‘in’, ‘at’ and ‘on’

"Alfred can’t be at home on his daughter’s thirteenth birthday, therefore he decides to call her…"

22. David’s Two Mums

Interrogative pronouns: ‘why’ and ‘when’

"David is up a tree in the garden when his older sister Margaret comes to remind him that he has to study…"

23. A Neat Diary

Prepositions of time in English: ‘in’, ‘at’ and ‘on’

"Harry is a lecture. Cathy, his wife, is looking at Harry’s diary, which has a very full schedule for the following week…"

24. The Smoke

How to ask for confirmation with the verb ‘to do’

"Two friends are talking at the hairdresser’s about smoking. One smokes and the other doesn’t …"