Index of course Units

And discover over 300 protagonists!

Index of course units

Our English course consists of 144 units: each unit allows you to learn a different grammatical structure or communicative function via short films based on real-life experiences. You will learn with over 300 British and American characters!

49. A Terrific Teacher

Modal verbs in English

"Andrew, an English teacher, is teaching a class on the use of modal verbs to a pupil, Emily…"

50. A Brilliant Idea

The modal verb ‘can’

"Caroline and Jane are talking about their children and Caroline suddenly has a brilliant idea…"

51. Two Secretaries

How to use modal verbs of permission in English

"Shirley asks Michelle to help her with some work. Afterwards they decide to have dinner out to clear their heads and talk…"

52. The Boss’s Mother

Formal requests with ‘could’ in English

"A woman goes into an elegant clothes shop. She is the shop manager’s mother but the employee who attends her does not recognize her…"

53. Fashion Café

Making requests and asking questions with modal verbs in English

"An American tourist visiting London is interested in finding the “Fashion Café”…"

54. A Small Argument

The modal verb ‘must’ and the verb ‘to have to’

"A woman and her husband argue about who will take the children to school the next day …"

55. The Football Match

How to form questions with ‘must’ and ‘to have to’ in English

"Terry tries to convince Greg that his place in the team is that of goalkeeper…"

56. The Ghost

Negative sentences with ‘must’ and ‘should’ in English

"The owner of a mysterious mansion is showing the house to a new maid…"

57. Incompatible Foods

The conditional with present in English

"Robert is recommending a diet to Jennifer which has had good results for him…"

58. The Power is Within You

How to use the conditional with the future in English

"A father is talking to his son about his studies and his future…"

59. Linda’s Worries

Conditional sentences with modal verbs

"Linda and Kelly are deciding what to wear to their friends’ party…"

60. Sam’s Intuition

Substitutes for ‘if’ – ‘unless’ and ‘in case’ – in English

"Two boys are waiting in the doorway of a club for some girls they arranged to meet…"

61. A New Look

The past simple of ‘to be’ in the affirmative

"Pamela is depressed. As a solution, June and Barbara suggest that she dyes her hair…"

62. Too Late

The past simple of ‘to be’ in the negative

"Jack, the head of the new projects department, does not feel appreciated in his office. When Peter, the head of personnel, speaks to him, it is too late to stop him…"

63. A Misunderstanding

Using the past simple of ‘to be’ in questions and short answers

"Jim and Mary arrange to go out, have a misunderstanding with the day and can’t find each other…"

64. The Punishment from the Gods

The past simple of ‘there is’ and ‘there are’

"Betty and Carol talk animatedly about how even the gods are fed up with so much football on television…"

65. Carol’s New Book

Regular verbs in English

"Carol is a writer and has just finished her new book. She tells her friend Tom, who appears in the book…"

66. The Mystery

The past simple of regular verbs in English

"Lorry is telling Tina something surprising that happened the previous day…"

67. Singing at School

Irregular verbs in English

"An English teacher is teaching a student how to learn irregular verbs by singing…"

68. The Solution

The past simple of regular verbs in English

"Edward always has to wait for his wife Sharon. Today they arrange to meet in a pub and she arrives an hour late, but she has a solution for her lateness…"

69. Kenya

Using the past simple in negative sentences and questions in English

"During a football match Keith tells Ben about his holiday in Kenya…"

70. Memories

The past simple of the modal verb ‘can’

"Nelly and Flo, friends who are advanced in years, are comparing their current lives with their youth…"

71. The Stressed Husband

The past simple of the verb ‘to have to’

"John is extremely stressed and his wife Betty helps him…"

72. An Incredible Arrangement

How to ask for confirmation in the past in English

"Robin never goes to the stadium as he prefers to watch the football on television lying on the sofa. He tells Simon his habits…"