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25. A Good Combination

The verb ‘to have’ in the affirmative

“Helen secretly tells her friend Julia a trick her and her husband have for making money…”

26. The Watchv

Using the verb ‘to have’ in the negative and questions

“Paul’s mother is tired of her son asking her what the time is all the time…”

27. The Dessert

How to indicate quantity with ‘some’ and ‘any’ in English

“Kate and George leave the cinema and he suggests going home for dinner…”

28. A Chat at the Greengrocer’s

How to express existence in English

“The owner of a grocery shop and a customer are talking. They know each other very well. They are in a good mood and laugh about life…”

29. The Sales

Adverbs of quantity: ‘much’ and ‘many’

“Diana and Rachel have fun sale shopping…”

30. The Mountain Bikes

Possessive adjectives – ‘my’ and ‘your’

“Two school friends, Simon and Dave, are talking about their bikes but…Dave is thinking about Tracy…”

31. The Twins

Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns – ‘this’ and ‘that’

“Vicky goes out with twins and never knows which is which. Sue can’t believe it…”

32. The Christmas Tree

The saxon genitive: ‘my’ and ‘whose’

“In the small hours George and Betty are still putting the family’s presents under the Christmas tree for the following day. They are happy and in a good mood…”

33. The Househusband

Possessive pronouns: ‘mine’ and ‘yours’

“Paul tells James that in his house he likes devoting himself to the household chores and his wife likes doing business.”

34. Boss or Lover?

Object pronouns: ‘me’ and ‘you’

“Sandra confirms with Cathy that she is in love with her boss…”

35. Allan’s Girlfriends

Qualifying adjectives in English – ‘big’, ‘good’ and ‘high’

“Bill asks Allan what his secret is for always having such pretty girlfriends…”

36. The Good Life

How to express age in English

“Jack tells Mike his method for always having fun at night…”

37. Mum’s on Strike

The present continuous in English

“A mother, who is sitting in the lounge watching television, talks to her son who is in his bedroom…”

38. Ben’s Birthday

Ben’s BirthdayThe differences between the present continuous and the present simple

“Carol and Maggie live in the same building. They run into each other as they’re on their way out…”

39. Vacation in Bahia

The present simple and present continuous with future meaning in English

“Alan and Charles are workmates. They are chatting in the office…”

40. The Efficient Secretary

The future with ‘will’

“A general manager is talking to his secretary Francis…”

41. Video and Spaghetti

How to use ‘shall’ to make offers and suggestions in English

“A couple is chatting. She is sitting in her car and he is standing in the street…”

42. A Big Favour

Requests with ‘will’ and ‘would’ in English

“Two neighbours are talking over the fence which separates their gardens…”

43. A Wonderful Waiter

How to offer someone something in English

“A couple is ordering in a restaurant; the husband is a bore and the wife is quite snobbish. Luckily the waiter is very professional…”

44. Wedding in Bali

How to make suggestions using ‘do you want to..?’

“An engaged couple, Sheila and Mike, are planning their wedding…”

45. Tom’s Suggestions

How to offer to do something in English

“Kate works in a library. Tom has gone to see her. He speaks to her quietly and affectionately, but jokingly. She always answers in the same way but then she answers in a funnier way and feigning excitement…”

46. The Birthday Present

How to respond to offers and suggestions in English

“Robert arrives home after a day at work and begins to chat to Demi, his wife…”

47. Living Together

The future with ‘going to’

“Steve and Pat are sitting on a bench in Hyde Park talking, concentrating and relaxed, about an important topic…”

48. The Weekend

The future with ‘i will fly’, ‘i’m going to fly’ and ‘i’m flying’

“Jack and Steve, two old friends, are playing golf…”

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