Index of course Units

And discover over 300 protagonists!

Index of course units

Our English course consists of 144 units: each unit allows you to learn a different grammatical structure or communicative function via short films based on real-life experiences. You will learn with over 300 British and American characters!

73. The Boss In Love

The difference between the verbs ‘to say’ and ‘to tell’ in English

"Karen is thinking about changing jobs but her boss offers her a pay rise and other advantages so she doesn’t leave. Karen suspects that he is in love with her…"

74. Driving at Night

Imperatives in English

"Steve and Melanie are driving along the motorway…"

75. Albert the Robot

Adverbs of quantity – ‘very’, ‘so’ and ‘too’

"The sales assistant in a toy shop is attending a woman who wants to buy a present for her grandson …"

76. The Full Restaurant

Adverbs of quantity – ‘too much’ and ‘too many’

"A couple, Diana and Neil, are waiting in a restaurant for a table to become available… "

77. British Pride

Prepostions of place: ‘between’ and ‘under’

"An English policeman, proud to be English, is explaining to a man where he can find a chemist’s…"

78. Two Friends

Prepositions of movement: ‘to’ and ‘from’

"Mike is going for dinner at Victor’s house that night. They are speaking on the phone to agree on a time…"

79. Dinner and Dominoes

Verbs of the senses in English

"Jim and Sally are having dinner at Len and Wendy’s house…"

80. Our Dear Edward

Comparative adjectives in English

"Rose and Ethel are coming out of the cinema. They reminisce about their lives and how many times they have gone to the cinema together…"

81. Appreciate What You Have

The comparative of equality in English

"Nick and Dennis are talking about whether it’s better to live in a city or in the country…"

82. Boys

Superlative adjectives in English

"Valerie and Tanya are young girls and they are joking about the boys at their school and talking about boys in general…"

83. The Hospital

Adverbs of manner: ‘quickly’ and ‘quietly’

"Two women are talking in a hospital while they wait for one of the husbands to finish being operated on …"

84. A Seductive Woman

Adverbs of time and place

"Pamela and Louise are talking about Leo…"

85. A Village in Africa

The present perfect in English

"David has been living in a small African village for several years. Rachel has just arrived in the village…"

86. George is Absent-minded

The present perfect with ‘since’, ‘for’ and ‘just’

"George is looking for Debbie and discovers Pauline…"

87. Good Advice

The present perfect with ‘yet’, ‘still’ and ‘never’

"Chris is feeling low and his friend Ian gives him some advice to cheer him up…"

88. The Debt

Learn how to use ‘yet’, ‘still’ and ‘already’

"Arthur asks Barry for the money that Barry owes him…"

89. Matthew’s Cars

How and when to use ‘ever’ and ‘how long’ in English

"Matthew loves cars. He has had many cars and he is telling Richard all about it…"

90. The Last Chance

The past simple vs the present perfect

"Based on what Doris has told Martha, Martha advises Doris to change husbands …"

91. The Blonde Dream

Some differences between british English and american English

"Clyde is dreaming about his ideal woman. Herman calls him and wakes him up…"

92. Alexis’s Men

The present continuous in English

"Alexis is complaining about the boyfriends she has had. Barbara consoles her…"

93. Breakfast in Bed

Habits in the past in English

"Alex and Bob come across each other in a street in New Orleans having not seen each other for many years…"

94. Hannah

The past perfect in English

"Irena has a daughter called Hannah who has become a famous film star. Anette, a family friend, has known Hannah since she was little and wishes to know how she managed to become famous …"

95. A Novel Affair

How to say you had just done something in English

"Humphrey, a writer, goes out to dinner with his friend Johnny and applies an idea from one of his novels to chat up two beautiful girls who are eating at the next table…"

96. Dancing in the Rain

The past perfect continuous in English

"Joanna and Georgia are reminiscing about their youth. In those days Joanna was very ahead of her time…"