In 2017, every moment is good to learn English: what’s yours?

  • Smartphones are changing users’ habits, also in language learning
  • 50% of students prefer to learn English when they get home from work
  • 31% use lunch breaks during workdays and while they commute to work

London, 5 January 2017 – On the subway, on one’s sofa, at the office, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, in a cafeteria: thanks to technology, nowadays it is possible to learn languages at any given moment or place. The trend of attending traditional English classes has changed, and everyone can find their own moment to learn English without having to move or comply with a schedule.  

There’s a moment for everything, but what’s the preferred moment for English learners to study? According to a survey by the online academy ABA English carried out among 5,000 students from five countries, 50% of these international students prefer to learn English when they get home from work: of these, 28% of them study straight after arriving, while 22% do so before going to bed. The new paradigm of online education, now boosted by m-Learning (education through mobile devices) also allows students the world over to find study-time during moments like breaks at work (23%), in the morning before leaving home (19%), or during their commute to work (8%).

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has broadened the possibilities of learning languages. The immediacy and instant benefits provided by carrying your smartphone in your pocket or by holding your tablet while relaxing on the sofa, is changing the habits of users all over the world. We increasingly do more activities in small doses or in “micro-moment” format at any available time, even if it’s not a lot, and this includes also learning languages. What’s more, 70% of our students consider combining computers and smartphones the most efficient way to learn languages, while a minority prefer just the computer (14%) or the smartphone (16%)

An added value of some Apps is that they can operate offline, such as  ABA English’s, allowing users to practice the language even without internet connection. This feature makes it even easier to learn English at any moment.

 “Online education is full of advantages, but without a doubt one of the most important ones is that it adapts to each student’s pace. This facilitates the development and adoption of different study habits by the student, what we call #ABAmoment, long or short moments that you dedicate to the study of English”, highlights Maria Perillo, ABA English’s Chief Learning Officer. “It is demonstrated that it is easier to assimilate a language in small doses but regularly, rather than in intense, sporadic sessions”.

The #ABAmoment can be long or short depending on the student and the time he or she can dedicate. The constant string of learning moments is a flexible and effective solution for the learning of English. Finding your #ABAmoment will help you overcome the barrier of English once and for all. If you really want to, there is no lack of time.

This is the concept of ABA English’s new communication campaign, which presented with the hashtag #ABAmoment, looks to inspire and encourage all those people who want to learn the language but think they don’t have the time: every moment becomes an opportunity to learn English.

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