Learn English for Real Life

Experience the language

ABA English has designed a course inspired by the natural language acquisition methodology. It is like living in an English-speaking country: first you listen and understand everyday situations, then you learn to speak by imitating native speakers, and finally you learn to read and write with the help of grammatical rules.

With films

One of the best ways to learn English is through film. In ABA English the learning is based on short films with stories about real-life.
The ABA Films provide the opportunity to recreate reality by provoking empathy, irony, nostalgia or astonishment: emotions that enhance communication and that cannot be found in any grammar book.

Humans can empathize with fictional characters as much as with real people. This is part of the learning method: you put yourself in the protagonist’s situation and experience the same emotions and expressions as they do.

With your personal teacher

During this learning journey you will be guided by your personal teacher, who will monitor your progress, answer your questions and help you achieve the level of English you need.

Anytime, anywhere

At the bus stop, during your lunch break or when you get home from work: turn any moment into an opportunity to practise your English with ABAmoments.

Why choose ABA English

You will learn English through a method that has been endorsed by experts from leading universities worldwide. The ABA Films are designed to tap into your emotions, thus learning in a very engaging and efficient way, and can serve as a basis for conversation with your personal teacher.

For these and many more reasons we were awarded Best Educational App, and millions of students around the world have already chosen us.

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