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73% of People have Downloaded at Least One Education App

A recent survey conducted by ABA English among 5,000 of its students from different countries, reveals that a high percentage have installed at least 1 Education app on their mobile devices – the majority for learning languages. In addition:

  • Education applications are stated to be the 2nd most used apps, after Utilities.
  • 72% of all Education app installs are language-learning apps.
  • 8 out of 10 people use language apps several times per day & per week.
  • 81% of users confirm their language skills have improved using apps.

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6 Out of 10 People Learning English are Currently Working 

A recent survey conducted by ABA English among three million learners of English from different nationalities, reveals that the key reason to learn the language is job-related:

  • 56% of learners have a job; 17% are looking for work; 27% are studying.
  • 54% state they study English for professional reasons: new job or promotion.
  • Half of all learners are still at a Beginners level.
  • 24% admit having been rejected in job interviews due to poor English. 

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