Esercizi di grammatica in inglese

Imparare la grammatica inglese ti permette di capire bene la lingua, parlarla e scriverla correttamente.

ABA English condivide esercizi di grammatica inglese per aiutarti a perfezionare le tue abilità.

La grammatica è alla base di ogni lingua ed è lo stesso per la lingua inglese. Fin dall’inizio, acquisisci le conoscenze grammaticali che ti permetteranno di parlare, leggere, ascoltare e scrivere correttamente.

Di seguito scoprirai la nostra selezione di esercizi di grammatica per imparare l’inglese.

Esercizi di grammatica per imparare l’inglese

Esercizi di grammatica per principianti

Esercizio A: il verbo to be

I___ an artist.

My husband ___at work.

Kitty and Max___ my pets.

___ you from Alaska?

His sister___ seven years old.

We___ children.

Esercizio B: Pronomi personali

Completa lo spazio vuoto con il possessivo corrispondente. 

I wonder where I put the file. I can’t find on ___ desk.

What’s that gentleman’s name?___ name is John Smith..

The cat is very sweet. ___ name is Flower.

I bought a new bag. ___ bag is brown.

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Esercizi di grammatica per livello intermedio

Esercizio C : verbi modali 

  1. You ___  respond to elders that way. It’s not appropriate.
  2. He ___  gone to the dentist a month ago. He’s so lazy.
  3. My parents gave me a package to send. I___ do it today.
  4. They didn’t feel very well and___ leave the meeting sooner than expected.
  5. You  ___ very tired after such a long journey. Have a rest.
  6. Who knows? You  ___ end up marrying him.

Esercizio D: Voce passiva

Costruisci la voce passiva delle seguenti frasi.

  • The chief of the department held the meeting early this morning.
  • The company delivered all the packages last week.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci painted the famous Mona Lisa.
  • They discovered all her secrets. 

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Contracciones en oraciones negativas

Esercizio E: if only/wishes

  1. If only I ___ (receive) the promotion I was hoping for.
  2. She wishes she ___ (to be) able to travel around the world. 
  3. If only they____ (think) about it more before taking that decision.
  4. I wish my family___ (live) nearby so I could visit them more often.

Scopri di seguito altri esercizi di livello C1 ed esercizi di livello C2.

Phrasal verbs advanced

Risposte degli esercizi

Esercizio A

Am, is, are, are, is, are

Esercizio B

My, his, its, my

Esercizio C

Shouldn’t, should have, must, had to, must be, may

Esercizio D

  • The meeting was held by the chief of the department early this morning.
  • All packages have been delivered by the company last week.
  • The famous Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • All her secrets have been discovered by them. 

Esercizio E

Had received, was, thought, lived