Exercices de grammaire en anglais

Apprendre la grammaire de l’anglais vous permet de comprendre, parler et écrire la langue correctement. ABA English partage avec vous des exercices de grammaire en anglais pour vous aider à vous perfectionner.

La grammaire est la base de toute langue et l’anglais n’est pas différent. Développez dès le début les connaissances grammaticales qui vous permettront de parler, lire, écouter et écrire correctement.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous notre sélection d’exercices de grammaire pour vous aider à apprendre l’anglais.

Exercices de grammaire pour apprendre l’anglais

Exercices de grammaire pour les débutants

Exercice A : le verbe to be

I___ an artist.

My husband ___at work.

Kitty and Max___ my pets.

___ you from Alaska?

His sister___ seven years old.

We___ children.

Exercice B : Pronoms personnels

Remplissez le vide avec le pronom possessif approprié. 

I wonder where I put the file. I can’t find on ___ desk.

What’s that gentleman’s name?___ name is John Smith.

The cat is very sweet. ___ name is Flower.

I bought a new bag. ___ bag is brown.

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Exercices de grammaire de niveau intermédiaire

Exercice C : verbes modaux 

  1. You ___  respond to elders that way. It’s not appropriate.
  2. He ___  gone to the dentist a month ago. He’s so lazy.
  3. My parents gave me a package to send. I___ do it today.
  4. They didn’t feel very well and___ leave the meeting sooner than expected.
  5. You  ___ very tired after such a long journey. Have a rest.
  6. Who knows? You  ___ end up marrying him.

Exercice D: Voix passive

Construisez la voix passive des phrases suivantes :

  • The chief of the department held the meeting early this morning.
  • The company delivered all the packages last week.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci painted the famous Mona Lisa.
  • They discovered all her secrets. 

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Exercices de grammaire pour le niveau avancé

Exercice E : if only/wishes

  • If only I ___ (receive) the promotion I was hoping for.
  • She wishes she ___ (to be) able to travel around the world. 
  • If only they____ (think) about it more before taking that decision.
  • I wish my family___ (live) nearby so I could visit them more often.

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Réponses des exercices

Exercice A

Am, is, are, are, is, are

Exercice B

My, his, its, my

Exercice C

Shouldn’t, should have, must, had to, must be, may

Exercice D

  • The meeting was held by the chief of the department early this morning.
  • All packages have been delivered by the company last week.
  • The famous Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • All her secrets have been discovered by them. 

Exercice E

Had received, was, thought, lived