Indice des Unités du cours

Découvrez plus de 300 protagonistes !

Indice des Unités du cours

Notre cours d’anglais se compose de 144 unités : chacune d’elles te permet d’apprendre une structure grammaticale ou une fonction communicative distincte à travers de courts métrages basés sur des expériences de la vie réelle : tu feras la connaissance de plus de 300 personnages britanniques et américains !

121. Les journaux

La forme courte au futur du verbe ‘to be’

"Adrian et Roger parlent à moitié sérieusement, à moitié en plaisantant de développer une nouvelle idée pour éditer les journaux..."

122. Un avenir prometteur

Expressions avec le verbe ‘to be’ au futur

"Trevor est architecte et vient de signer un contrat pour construire un hôtel fabuleux à Buenos Aires. Il le raconte à Martin par téléphone..."

123. Anne et les langues

Le Futur Continuous en anglais

"Anne est très friande des langues. Elle pense profiter de l'été pour aller en Allemagne pour apprendre l'allemand. Elle est en train de parler au téléphone avec George..."

124. L'inauguration

Futur de ‘there is’ et ‘there are’

"Tracy, experte en communication, est en train de préparer avec son assistante Paula, la présentation d'un artiste italien célèbre à Londres"

125. Noel in his Sixties

The future of ‘can’

"Noel is over 60 and considers carrying out a project which he began a long time ago. He devotes too much time to this project and doesn’t have time for anything else…"

126. Jenny the Baby-sitter

The future of ‘must’

"Jenny is considering going to Spain as a baby-sitter. Donald is grumpy because he doesn’t want her to go, but Olivia sees things positively…"

127. Little Dreams

The future perfect in English

"Matt tells Henry a method he had when he was young to remain hopeful every day…"

128. Melatonin

The future perfect continuous in English

"Jim and Carol are a nice couple. In this conversation she is showing him how to live healthily and stay young…"

129. The Midnight Express

Relative pronouns in English

"Ashley and Jessica happen to meet in a dining car on the Berlin – Paris express. During dinner they have a very interesting conversation…"

130. Complete Success

Reflexive pronouns in English

"Jack and Marilyn are the in musical couple. Brian is interviewing them on television…"

131. The Mayor of New Rock

The passive in English

"An interview with the mayor of New Rock on prime-time television a few days before the local elections …"

132. Grosvenor House

The passive voice in English

"Walter is about to open an unusual restaurant in Grosvenor House, a very well-known old house in the city. He tells Tim all about it…"

133. Encyclopedias for Children

The conditional with the past in English

"Fred hasn’t been to the pub in several days because he has started working in a publishing house as a door-to-door salesman of encyclopedias for children. His friends welcome him, interested in his new life…"

134. The Advert

The conditional with ‘unless’, ‘in case’, ‘before’ and ‘until’

"Gregory reads an advert in the newspaper offering “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Rich” and he orders it. From that moment on his life takes an interesting turn…"

135. Big Lemon

Uses of the second conditional in English

"Geoffrey is a brilliant marketing student who has finished his degree and is thinking about creating a soft drink called “Big Lemon”…"

136. Dominique

The conditional in English with ‘could’, ‘should’ and ‘might’

"Dominique, a French woman living in the USA, gives “creative and healing food” classes to an advertising agency’s chef every Thursday. She is chatting to Nicholas, the agency’s director…"

137. Algra – Alistar & Graham

The conditional with the past in English

"The two partners of a big company called “Algra, Alistar & Graham” are always having financial problems and consider selling their company…"

138. How to Speak in Public

The conditional with ‘should have’, ‘could have’ and ‘might have’

"Ken goes to see Oliver at his business training centre to learn how to speak in public…"

139. Theresa’s Shares

Mixed conditionals

"Theresa sells some shares which had been unproductive for years and gets a million dollars for them. Excited, she goes to see her adviser and friend Ray so he can advise her where to invest this money…"

140. My Husband’s Ex

Reported speech

"Jill has inherited six flats in London and argues with her husband Howie over how to cash in on them. Howie’s ex also happens to have flats in London and gets good money for them…"

141. Sailing along the Aegean

Reported speech in English

"Alexander, the managing director of an important company, is talking to his secretary Jessica about a trip along the Aegean Sea which has been organized for the company’s three top executives and their wives, if the planned goals are reached…"

142. The Budget

Phrasal verbs in English: part I

"Terence, the managing director of “Sky Communication”, has a meeting with the financial director, Brian, to prepare the company’s general budget for the next financial year…"

143. Tramonti

Phrasal verbs: part II

"Laura is the manager and a shareholder of an important clothing company with all types of women’s outfits called “Tramonti”. Julia is a very well-known consultant in the fashion world…"

144. The European Union

Phrasal verbs: part III

"Two young businessmen, Gerald, an Englishman, and Ernst, a German, are talking in Brussels about the European Union and the euro…"