How to pass a job interview in English

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Nowadays, regardless of the position you are looking for and the location of the companies for which you are applying, the need to know English is indisputable. More and more employers are requiring that their employees have a good command of English to ensure smooth communication with their customers and suppliers. The company may even wish to interview its candidates in English. Let’s take a look at what you need to move freely in the job market in English. .

The Application

To be able to get an interview, you will first have to apply for the job. At this time, you should make the best impression possible by responding correctly and clearly to the specifications in the job advertisement, thus demonstrating your level of English proficiency. Let’s review some of the words you could find at this stage.

  • Job Vacancy: This is the position itself, the vacancy offered by the company.
  • CV / Résumé: The CV (from Curriculum Vitae) or resumé should present your personal data and work history (especially that which is relevant for the position) neatly and completely, without errors in either spelling or typing..
  • Application Form: An application form is sometimes used to replace the CV and usually asks for information about your work history as well as for the answers to some questions related to the position being applied to.
  • Cover Letter: It is always a good idea to send a cover letter with your CV in which you briefly tell the company about your reasons for applying to that job as well as the skills that make you a good candidate.

The Interview

First, let’s look at the different types of interviews:

    • Phone Interview : A Phone Interview is the step prior to a face-to-face interview. If, at that moment, you cannot speak without interruptions, ask if you can reschedule for a better time.
    • Face-to-face Interview : For the face-to-face interview. arrive punctually and pay attention to your appearance (clothing, hair, posture) since this will say a lot about you as a candidate.
    • Second Face-to-Face Interview : This takes place after the first interview has been completed and the person who could be your superior may be in attendance. The second face-to-face interview is given to a very small group of candidates, so try your best to excel.
    • Skype Interview : A Skype interview usually occurs when the company is not in the same location as you, or when the job is a freelance position. This type of interview requires a video call, which implies that the person interviewing you will see both you and the place you are calling from. Pay attention to the details in both cases. Make sure that you have a good internet connection and that you will be free from interruptions during the interview.

How to Talk About Work

Both to apply for and to participate in a job interview, you need to be familiar with some words and some questions that could appear during the process:

  • Skills: It is always good to highlight the skills that one has to perform the job offered.
  • Goals: What are your professional goals?
  • Salary: Just as in the interview they will give you information about the salary the position offers, they could also ask you what your expected salary is.
  • Hobbies: Companies are increasingly interested in the hobbies of their employees. What you like to do in your free time says a lot about you.
  • To Apply for a Job: to request an interview for a position at a company
  • To Hire Someone: to give someone a job.

What Could Be Asked in the Interview?

Do you know about our company, ABA English?

Why are you interested in this job?

Could you tell us about a difficult situation you have had to overcome at work?

Can you tell us about your professional strengths?

I am punctual, am very good at teamwork, and have great problem solving skills.

Can you tell us about your professional weaknesses?

I can be quite shy when I meet new people. I like to be in control and can be a little impatient.

How to ask questions in English


Remember to read about the company and the position for which you are going to interview. Show interest when you are talking about the company and the position offered, as it will be points in your favour. Remember not to speak badly about previous jobs or bosses, That never leaves a good impression on the interviewer. Always smile! Having a good disposition and a positive attitude will present you as a nice person to be part of the work team.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you must be punctual, It is always a good idea to calculate in advance the time you will need to get to the interview a few minutes early and wait before entering. That way you can avoid having to explain why you are late before you have even been hired. Be kind and respectful towards those who are interviewing you as well as those who receive you when you arrive for the interview. No one wants to add a person with a bad attitude to their team. .

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