Particular conditions


These Particular Conditions for the Services of ABA ENGLISH detail the terms and conditions that govern the contracting, by the user, of our services (online English courses) (hereinafter, “Services”), and must be accepted by the users of this website (hereinafter, “Users”) wishing to make use thereof.

Anything not covered by these Particular Conditions for Contracting the Services of ABA ENGLISH shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions which may be viewed via the following link General Terms and Conditions.

a) Price

The ABA Free Account is free of charge, whereas the Premium Account has a monthly cost for the User.

The price detailed for each product on the website is the current price when the user accesses the website, including any taxes and delivery costs. VAT will be applied at the corresponding rate as established by the legislation in force. Where applicable, ABA ENGLISH will specify the delivery costs prior to any payment being made by the User. As these are online services, no materials will be dispatched in physical format; therefore, there will be no delivery costs. ABA ENGLISH reserves the right to unilaterally change at any time, without prior notification, the prices of the products offered on the website if such modification does not affect the orders previously made by the User for which ABA ENGLISH has already issued the User with the corresponding “Order Confirmation”. ABA ENGLISH will not be obliged to supply any product at an incorrect lower price (even after receipt of the “Purchase Confirmation”) if the error in the price is obvious, evident or unambiguous or constitutes a substantive error and would have been reasonably recognised by the User.

b) Terms, conditions and payment methods

ABA ENGLISH offers its Users the option to pay for purchases made though the online store or the subscription using Visa or MasterCard cards or any other cards available at any time. The User simply enters the details of the card to be used on the “Payment Information” tab during the purchase process. These details will not be stored by ABA ENGLISH.

Depending on whether the User has taken out a subscription with ABA ENGLISH or has extended their subscription by additional 12 months through our online store, ABA ENGLISH will charge the amount at different times:

(i) Subscription to ABA ENGLISH

Given the periodic nature of the subscription to ABA ENGLISH, ABA ENGLISH will charge the first payment for the period of time contracted on the same day as the purchase of the initial subscription to the credit or debit card details entered or selected by the User during the subscription process upon its completion. Subsequent payments will be made in the following manner:

(a) If the user has chosen a monthly subscription, subsequent payments will be made on a monthly basis to the debit or credit card account for which the user submitted details or selected during the subscription process. The payments will be made on the same day of the month as the initial purchase.

(b) The user has chosen a six-monthly, yearly or two-year subscription, subsequent periodical payments, depending on the subscription type, will be made to the debit or credit card account for which the user submitted details or selected during the subscription process. The payments will be made every six months, year or two years, on the same day of the month as the initial purchase.

c) Delivery or execution formats

Given that all ABA ENGLISH courses are provided online, the delivery or execution format thereof will always be electronically, via the online platform or the ABA ENGLISH App.
Once the User has paid the Premium subscription, he/she will have unlimited access to the content included in the Premium version.

d) Duration of the services and right to withdrawal

The ABA Free Account is free and of unlimited duration, and its subscription may be cancelled at any time.

The Premium Account has a duration of one month, six months, one year or two years and is renewable for equal periods. By entering into a contract for the provision of online services, the User will be able to exercise his/her right of withdrawal during the first 14 days after the activation of the subscription, by sending a request through the Help Centre.

The user will be able to cancel the renewal of the subscription up to 5 days prior to the due date, by sending a request through the Help Center.

Due to the nature of our services (online English courses), the user is informed of the loss of this right to withdrawal when the download has commenced with his/her express consent, as this is immediately downloadable and/or reproducible digital content for permanent use.
Once the User has informed of his/her wish to withdraw from the contract within the stipulated period, the User shall cease to be a Premium User and will become a User of the ABA Free account.

e) Guarantees, complaints and returns

In the case of a defective product, ABA ENGLISH shall repair, replace, reduce the price, or terminate the contract, as applicable, all of which shall incur no charge for the User. ABA ENGLISH shall be liable for any lack of conformity arising within a period of two years after delivery. The consumer and user must inform ABA ENGLISH regarding the lack of conformity within a period of two months after becoming aware of said lack of conformity.

Any complaint must be addressed to:

Address: Calle Aribau, 240 – 7º , Barcelona (España)

f) Languages in which the contract may be formalised

The contract between ABA ENGLISH and the User may be entered into in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and Russian, when none of these is the language used in the information prior to entering into the contract.

g) Premium and Free Services

The Premium Services with a duration of one month, six months, one year or two years, renewable for equal periods, as established in section d) above, include 144 units of the English language distributed among all the available levels. Access to a native teacher for resolving queries; and unlimited access to the Premium course through the mobile app.

The Free Services, of an unlimited duration as established in section d) above, include access to the first unit of each level and to all the available grammar video classes.