ABA English Certificates

How to get the American & British Academy's certificates:

1. Complete 100% of the units in the course

Complete 100% of all units in each level

2. Do the Assessment section

Once you have completed 100% of the first seven sections, you must pass the test at the end of each unit.

3. Obtain your Certificate

Download your American & British Academy certificate of each level you complete

These Certificates can be obtained once you complete each of the six levels taught in ABA English. To correctly learn each level you will need to study between 60 and 80 hours, depending on your initial level. There are six certificates:

  • BEGINNERS – A1* Means that you have satisfactorily fulfilled the Beginner level studies. This level contains 1,224 words.
  • LOWER INTERMEDIATE – A2* Means that you have attained the Lower Intermediate level, the “survival” level needed in an English-speaking country. This level contains 1,843 words.
  • INTERMEDIATE – B1* Means you have attained an Intermediate level, where you have learned to use the past, present and future tenses, and you have learned auxiliary and modal verbs. In addition, you can communicate at ease since you have acquired a vocabulary of 2,485 words.
  • UPPER INTERMEDIATE – B2* Means you have attained an Upper Intermediate level, having studied past tense verbs in depth and having finished learning modal verbs. You can easily interact in any situation having acquired a vocabulary of 3,060 words.
  • ADVANCED – B2 – C1* Means you have attained an Advanced level in which you know all verb tenses, including conditional and gerund verbs, as well as all perfect and continuous verbs. At this level you master a vocabulary of 3,593 words.
  • BUSINESS – C1* Means you have progressed into further depth of the Advanced level, learning Reported Speech and Phrasal Verbs. In this level the 24 ABA Films deal with business matters, marketing, budgets, investment funds, stocks and shares, interest, rates, economy, the European Union, etc… Once completing this level, you master a vocabulary of 4,532 words.