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Cookie Policy

Cookies allow ABA English to store and recover information.
A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a website which is stored in the user’s browser so that the website can check the user’s previous browsing activity.
Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session (when you close your browser) or after a certain period of time.

The technology we use and the steps you can take to avoid these features are described below:

1. The ABA English course uses Adobe Flash Player and may use “Flash cookies” which store small amounts of data on your computer. We use this data to save your course progress.
2. As far as the student helpdesk is concerned, ABA English works with a third-party company, Zendesk, which can also place session cookies on your device. For further information on these cookies, you can consult the Zendesk Privacy Policy .
3. ABA English may use tracking technology to find out if its users saw an advert elsewhere and then visited the website.
4. ABA English also uses cookies to understand, analyse and improve its products. To do so, we work with third-party partners, such as Google Analytics, which also place and read cookies and other types of tracking technology.
How to disable cookies or other types of tracking technology
Any user can change their browser settings in order to stop storing cookies. You can accept or decline the use of cookies using an integrated browser feature.
For further information on cookie settings, go to the following links:

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If you use another browser, ABA English recommends that you consult the different cookie management options for this browser.