ABA for iOS and Android.

Much more than an app for learning English

The most complete app for learning English

ABA Films

You will watch a short film containing a real-life situation


You will study the dialogue from the ABA Film.


You will experience a situation from the ABA Film by interpreting the characters.


You will do a dictation with all the sentences from the ABA Film.

Video Class

You will study the grammar from the unit.


You will practise what you’ve learnt with written exercises.


You will consolidate and learn how to pronounce the new vocabulary.


You will do a final test to check what you’ve learnt.

An English academy from your mobile device

6 levels of English: from Beginners to business.

Certificates: with our English course you will be able to get an official ABA English certificate once you have completed a level.

Private tutor: your private tutor will guide you to help you improve your English, with instructions and advice according to your progress.

Multi-device: with the same account you will be able to continue learning English from your PC, phone and tablet. ¡You decide where and when!!

The only app you need to learn how to speak English.

Learn to speak English with the natural approach

Just like in real life,, you will use your mobile to listen, speak, read and write in English: your subconscious will gradually absorb new vocabulary and English expressions and you will make progress without even realizing it!

Practise your English pronunciation from day one

You will be able to practise your English pronunciation in real-life situations by dubbing the actors from the introductory ABA Film and playing the roles of over 300 characters.

Enjoy learning English by watching films

You will learn English through complete immersion, through a system based on watching videos and dubbing films simulating the same learning process you’d experience if you went abroad.

Change the way you learn English!