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At ABA English we know that motivation is the key to sustained learning, which is why we constantly encourage our students with new exercises and activities.

The ABAmoments were created to maximize and strengthen motivation through flash exercises. The feature was designed so that even the busiest people can find opportunities during their day to practise English, including unusual moments such as: at the bus stop, at the doctor’s or while microwaving your meal.

ABAmoments are also a didactic tool that help acquire and establish study habits through daily and regular training: motivation itself, if maintained high, becomes a pedagogical resource.

Our intention is practical: to help you turn those in-between times during the day into useful moments to practise English, so that you can overcome the language barrier and achieve your life goals. Did you know that a 5-minute daily routine can give you better results than any traditional course?

ABAmoments provides activities with which to review vocabulary about various topics, enhance reading comprehension of current events and train your ear to new English accents.