The English-language online school with 11+ million students now also provides livestreaming classes and podcasts to enable free English learning

Barcelona, 25th October 2016 – Nowadays, we all have access to a wide variety of free educational content thanks to the Internet and social media. However, identifying quality free resources that are truly useful can be a challenge for a subject as popular as English-language learning. ABA English, an online English-language school with more than 11 million students, increases its free learning content by launching new options on social media to learn English easily without spending money.

Livestreaming classes: English for real life

ABA English provides free livestreaming classes every 15 days on its Facebook page. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and addresses a specific and useful theme related to real-life activities. During the livestreaming lessons, an ABA Teacher explains in a simple and understandable language various English terms and expressions used in daily-life situations, for instance: ordering food in a restaurant, how to do a job interview in English, or the language used in airports and on trips.

After class, students can ask the teacher questions directly on Facebook, and have them answered right away.

Podcasts to increase vocabulary

It is often difficult to find time to study a new language, even if it is one of our personal goals. That’s why ABA English has created free podcasts, a new tool for students to improve their English twice a week by listening to audio micro-lessons that are 1 to 3 minutes long. Students can access the podcasts anytime they wish.

A Blog to learn about culture

Understanding and getting to know the culture of a country is also a useful way to learn the language. In English, there are words and idioms that are specific to certain countries or regions. Discovering these curiosities is a fun way to increase our vocabulary and improve our language skills. In The ABA Journal blog students can learn lots of interesting information about lifestyle, culture, travel or work in English-speaking countries. The blog also includes pronunciation tips, special grammar classes, videos and podcasts.

Through these different free resources, ABA English enables students without economic means to learn and practise Shakespeare’s language. These new tools are complementary to the free content that is always available to Free students on their online Campus and the mobile App (iOS and Android), which provides a trial of the first unit of each 6 levels -including the ABA Film- and the 144 grammar video classes.

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