ABA English launches a new feature to reinforce English learning through brief dynamic exercises that are updated with new content daily

ABAmoments: The new way to practise English even for the busiest people

Barcelona, 5th September 2017 – ABAmoments is a new feature of the ABA English online language course which allows students to practise English thanks to short and dynamic learning capsules. The new didactic tool responds to the growing trend of providing educational content in small doses, allowing students to learn English with useful everyday topics while they also acquire a study routine.  Students learn practical vocabulary to deal with situations like getting around an airport, giving directions or carrying out banking transactions.

“We know that motivation and perseverance are key when learning and improving any language”, says Natalia Casal, Instructional Design Manager at ABA English. “That’s why we designed these learning capsules which, being so short and useful in everyday life, engage learners and encourage frequent use.”

The ABAmoments feature supplements the ABA English course and was designed so that even the busiest people can make the most of little breaks in their day to learn and practise English: at the bus stop, in a waiting room and intervals between appointments. The ABAmoments flash exercises are done in only a few minutesand require little effort, thus creating a stimulating environment that motivates learners and promotes knowledge retention.

ABA English, which already has more than 17 million students worldwide, monitors the usage habits of its learners and surveys them regularly to identify their preferences and best respond to their needs.

New ABAmoments every weekday

“ABAmoments was designed for those students who lack time and we are already seeing many students progressing faster and showing more motivation in their learning process”, explains Nacho Fernández, ABAmoments Product Owner. “Different themed ABAmoments are published 5 times per week with new content which not only helps beginners learn new vocabulary, but also allows advanced students to review and refresh their English”, he adds.

Soon a brand new category of ABAmoments will be released so that students can practise their English language skills while doing other activities such as reading about historical characters, understanding the lyrics of their favourite songs or learning a new cooking recipe.

ABAmoments is currently available to Premium users of the ABA English course. They can access the learning capsules from a computer or their iOS or Android devices.

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