Course. Sections in Each Unit

Each unit of the course consists of 8 sections in which, based on the initial ABA Film, you will study the content, do a dictation, interpret a role, complete written exercises in English, study grammar and vocabulary and especially practice speaking.

  • You will see a short film about a real-life situation, an exclusive American & British Academy audiovisual production, with English subtitles.

  • You will record and study the whole dialogue of the initial ABA Film sentence by sentence, and in a wider context

  • You will do a dictation with all the sentences from the ABA Film to improve your spelling.

  • You will interpret the role of the characters from the ABA Film to improve your fluency to experience a real-life situation.

  • The best American & British Academy teachers will explain English grammar to you.

  • You will find written exercises to practise what you have learnt.

  • You will revise the new English words which you have learnt in the unit.

  • You will do a test to check what you have learnt.