Barcelona, 5th December 2016 – The ABA English app has been selected by Google Play as one of the “Best of 2016” in several European countries, including Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Each year Google compiles a list of the best applications offered in the Google Play app store. This selection is based on the success that the applications have shown throughout the year, above all focusing on the number of downloads.

Out of more than 700,000 available applications on Google Play, Google only chooses around 40, highlighting those which have been the best performing and popular during the year.

Google’s recognition of ABA’s application is an important confirmation of the app’s excellent results in its first year since being made available on Android systems in September 2015.

As Google Play’s post explains: “We have compiled a list of applications that we couldn’t help but share with you. They have kept us glued to our screens as well as rocketing up the application chart and highlighting to us the beauty of the world that we are surrounded by”.

The app Learn English with ABA English delivers via mobile devices all the educational advantages of the natural method that ABA English uses to teach the language online. Thanks to the application, students can immerse themselves in learning the English language in a similar way as they would do abroad: First, they listen and understand, then they begin to speak, imitating the native speakers, and at the end, learn to write.

The ABA English course revolves around watching short films on real-life situations, and each unit’s exercises are associated to the dialogue from the ABA Film, creating an effective yet entertaining way to learn.

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