Course. English Levels

With our English course you always have access to all the levels. Your progress in the course will depend on how often you connect and the time you devote to each unit. The course will be available 24/7 during the duration of your subscription.

Each level consists of 24 units based on the ABA Films, short films produced exclusively by ABA English.

To start learning English you just have to choose the level which is best suited to your knowledge or do our level test to discover your level.


  • It is the first time you study English or you want to start again with the most basic things.

  • You can understand short texts and communicate with simple sentences.

  • You are capable of describing situations and expressing yourself coherently with topics you know well.

  • You can understand the key points in complex texts by yourself and you are capable of expressing yourself spontaneously and by improvising.

  • You can understand complex texts and communicate fluently with native speakers.

  • You have the Advanced level and you wish to study business English in more depth.

* The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)