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These are the ratings that the ABA English App has received on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Download it free and find out how to learn English from your mobile or tablet. When you try it, don’t forget to rate us. We are interested in your opinions. Thanks!



This is what our students say about ABA English. Here you’ll find ratings and testimonials about the effectiveness of the course, the method, its functionality…

ABA English is an excellent application. I tried other apps, but this one simply has a very didactic method. You get hooked and stay motivated. I really feel that I’m learning more every day in English. It’s true that you have to pay to be Premium but it’s really worth it. It’s excellent to have a private teacher to answer your questions.

Amadeu Antunes


I really enjoyed the characters’ voices, the teachers’ explanations and the grammar lessons… in short, I love the new course presentation. Now the experience is more attractive and enjoyable, also the different stages of learning are clear and fun to do. The videos are brilliant and in addition to helping understand the pronounciation better they are shot in excellent quality. Personally I really appreciate these features since they greatly improve our overall experience and use of the content. Congratulations! Excellent work!

Carmen Molina Koyanagi


I’ve tried various applications and this one is the most complete. It includes audiovisual material, voice recording to practice and a test to determine your level. It’s very easy to use and has a friendly design. I love it!

Catalina Villar


Thank you very much for your lessons! I’m moving slowly, but with perseverance. In your course I like everything: both the video and how the tasks are composed. How accessible and understandable you explain the grammar and rules of the English language. In my 68 years, memorizing texts is more difficult. Than to learn individual words. But on a trip on a tourist voucher abroad, I was no longer silent. But I boldly entered into communication and my mistakes did not bother me and it is the merit of my lessons on your lessons. On your methodology. On your interestingly structured video topics. Thank you ! I’m happy to continue studying and developing my skills in English

Galina Kluych


The new ABA course is fantastic! The videos with real people are very effective and help understand the dialogues better thanks to the actors’ facial expressions. They are so realistic that I almost feel uncomfortable, as if I were really talking to someone who speaks the language I am trying to learn. In brief, I love it!

Gemma Gentile


🆒The best app to learn English with your phone. You learn either British and American accent. And you also get a personal teacher! Fabulous!!!✌😉

Gianluca Buonanno


Complete English course, pleasant and motivating for beginners as well as those with a higher level. You progress quickly with motivating messages from your teacher. A must have app for everyone!

Ginette Touboul


I want to thank you. I have been living in America for a year and, thanks to ABA English, I can now go to university here in California. Thank you for everything

Giuseppe Palumbo


The method of this course is fantastic, it is fun, original and you learn quickly. If I were given the choice to study for free in a presential academy instead of ABA English, I wouldn’t do it. Because, with this method I learn to pronounce correctly and to understand conversations and texts in English effortlessly, in a natural way and with no time restrictions.

Javier Ramos


This is the most comprehensive app I’ve found out of all the English apps I’ve tried. All its functions justify the price and I don’t consider it a cost but an investment. This app is very fun and interactive.

Lalo Hernandez


I like it very much. It´s like a film on TV and you can train your language skills both during and after. Very interesting and motivating.

Linda Harbeck


I’m satisfied with the work I’ve done so far. The effort made has really paid off. I’m hooked on this enjoyable course. I now study whenever I have free time instead of doing a crossword or a sudoku. I used to think I needed a physical academy and this course has TOTALLY changed my opinion. To sum up, this method is the best one. This time I’ll really speak English!

Luis Carazo


I am starting “Upper Intermediate” of your great course after completing the previous levels. I wish to express my admiration for the quality. I am a retired architecture professor from Madrid University and I take courses as a hobby. I have been doing this for eight years and I have never found a course that was so well put together and as much fun as yours. Congratulations to the course authors.

Luis Felipe Rodriguez Marín


I love English and ABA surprises me every day…how much I’ve learned…things I didn’t learn at another English academy I learned easily with ABA…I love the didactic method, the methodology and care for students. Everyone at ABA is always attentive and friendly any time I have a question or any problem. It’s great. I recommend this course 100%!

Mari Mendes


Allow me to give you feedback on your course as both a student and a teacher, since I teach Italian to foreign students and I’m familiar with many self-study courses. I have to say your course is well structured, useful and practical: congratulations!

Roberta Cristaldi


I started studying English with the intermediate level of your program. I must say I am totally satisfied, I can already understand and express ideas and information that will be useful in my overseas trips. I want to highlight the strong points I find fundamental: interaction, “real life” vocabulary, “American” approach, role-playing… and tests. Very good review!

Yves Giraudon


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