Practice English pronunciation

How can I achieve good pronunciation in English?

These are our advantages to have a good pronunciation in English :ABA English designed its learning system based on the natural method which stimulates your natural predisposition to learn a language in a real-life environment. You will be able to listen to native English speakers, interact in the dialogues and learn English as if you were living abroad.

You will actively take part in real-life situations by acting in the ABA Films, short films produced exclusively for American and British Academy.

You will use our LRC (Listen-Record-Compare) method to improve your pronunciation: you will record your voice, listen to yourself and be able to compare your pronunciation with that of the native.

Moreover, you will also have an assigned tutor from day one who will answer all your questions related to English grammar, vocabulary and expressions.

Whatever your level is, you will be able to improve your English pronunciation!

Pronunciacion ingles