The Academy

Our mission is to democratize the learning of English in the world providing online education at accessible prices.

American & British Academy is specialized in teaching English online with its own methodology inspired in the natural method, simulating the intuitive manner in which mother tongues are learned and applying it to learning English online. Both British and American accents are covered, as denoted in the name American & British Academy.

The Academy designed the current ABA English Campus to adapt the natural methodology to online learning, using various quality audiovisual materials as an axis on which the learning process occurs. Thus the learning of English resembles as much as possible, in a digital environment, the natural way the language would be assimilated if the student were living or traveling in the US or the UK. Learning English with the ABA method is far more affordable thanks to being online.

Each unit of the course revolves around a short film with a modern real life story, which can be viewed with or without subtitles as many times as needed. The eminently practical exercises of the lesson are all conducted on the basis of this film. In a pleasant and entertaining manner, the student progressively covers the four basic skills in their natural learning order: first listening and learning to speak, then learning to read and write. Grammatical explanations, necessary to consolidate the learning, are covered towards the end of each unit and also delivered in video format.