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The ABA English Natural Method combines the most effective pedagogies with entertainment and emotion. Hence, we approach the learning of English as a multidisciplinary and interpersonal process, underlining the importance that emotions have on our motivation and their positive impact on our memory.

Language Lab is a creative laboratory and research centre in which vision and experience unite to create the best pedagogical product. It is an environment for investigating and experimenting, where diverse ideas are connected and made viable. In this lab our most creative people work side by side with researchers from leading worldwide universities, experts in linguistics, pedagogy, technology applied to education and statistics.

We collaborate on research projects with several universities, among them:

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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Language Lab makes substantial expert contributions to our multidisciplinary team for developing and continually improving the course::

  • Providing methodological and statistical expertise
  • Participating in ABA English studies
  • Contributing to the launch of new products
  • Analyzing and disseminating knowledge

Research Studies

ABA English & MIT Auto-ID Lab

English Test with Alexa: The two institutions have developed an innovative test that interacts conversationally with the student in Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. This is a breakthrough project from our Language Lab, and the first in which ABA English enters the field of artificial intelligence applied to the learning of a second language. It is also the first step towards the personalization of learning content in English, one of the main focuses of our Language Lab.

Alexa Skill English Test – Artificial Intelligence applied to English language learning.

Pompeu Fabra University and Polytechnic University of Valencia

Confirmed efficacy: Language Lab conducted an international study with university researchers from the Politécnica of Valencia and the Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona that confirmed the ABA course efficacy. The results demonstrate that learners can achieve an improvement equivalent to one US College Semester dedicating only 20 hours to the ABA English course.

ABA Efficacy Study – Abridged The ABA Efficacy Study Final Report

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tec de Monterrey – The Role of ABA in Bulats Candidates

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

UAB Case Study


ABA Video Resources – Marga Navarrete, Imperial College London  

Eurocall Review ABA Methodology

Eurocall Review ABA App

Collaborate with us

If you are a researcher and are interested in collaborating with us, please contact:
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