Academic Alliance for English

The Academic Alliance for English is an American & British Academy initiative created to promote the learning of English and to improve e-learning in the world.

Through the Academic Alliance for English we conduct research and help innovate, supporting both internal and external projects with material or human aid.

Researchers, linguists and technical experts are encouraged and backed to pursue, initiate, develop, complete or disseminate their academic projects in the fields of English learning in particular, or e-learning in general.

Academic collaborators and advisors

Prof. Ana M. Gimeno-Sanz BA, MA, PhD
UPV – Lingüística Aplicada

Prof. Marga Navarrete BA, MA
Imperial College London
ClipFlair R&D European project

Lines of Action

Innovation in English distance learning: academic and linguistic projects that research new models or systems to teach English in the virtual space.

Audiovisual resources in language learning: projects that explore the use of dubbing, subtitling or songs for teaching English.

E-learning: public or private technology projects exploring improvements to distance learning tools and students’ online experience.

Do you have a project?

If you have a research or study project that fits in the above fields, please write to us with a brief explanation of your proposal: