How to rent an apartment in English

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Have you decided to move abroad and don’t know how to find a flat? The search can be quite stressful, especially if you do not know the correct English terminology. Knowing the vocabulary well is essential for both finding a suitable place as well as for interacting with the agents or owners. Don’t worry! With this brief guide, you will easily find what you are looking for. It will also help you to always know what to say as well as understand what others are talking about.

The Search

Before anything, you need to find a search method. When abroad, the methods for finding housing include specialized internet websites, real estate agencies, and private advertisements. Once you have found a flat that interests you, you will have to arrange with the owner or the agent to go and view that property.





Types of Properties

 Let’s start with the type of housing you are looking for. If you know the difference between a villa and a studio in English, your search will be more selective and save you a lot of time. Here is the vocabulary you will need.








For sale

To let

£280 pw

£1200 pcm


Another important aspect that you should consider is the size of the property. In general, the number of rooms and the total area are used to measure the size of the property. In the United Kingdom two-story houses are very popular, with the living room and the kitchen on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the first floor.



Ground floor / first floor / second floor


Square feet

Square metres

Other Features

Other aspects to consider when choosing your prospective property would be the presence of a garden, a terrace, or any other feature that may interest you. Many homes in the United Kingdom and the USA have a small garden behind the house. Balconies are not as common and flats often do not have external space. Take this into account during your search. Finally, do you want a furnished flat, or have you already thought about decorating to your liking?







Swimming pool



Storage room





Buy or Rent?

 To buy or to rent? Once you have chosen the right property for you, it will be time to sign the contract. Here are the essential terms:



Long-term rental contract

Short-term rental contract


Down payment










Below are some phrases that may be useful when you need to interact with either the agency or the vendors.

Good morning, I am interested in a property I saw on your website. Is it possible to arrange a viewing?

Good morning, I would like to have a look at this property.

Good afternoon, I am interested in the advert for a room on your property. Can I ask how many people live there?

I am eligible for a mortgage.

I like this apartment. I would like to make an offer.

I’ll take it!

Is the price negotiable?

This property is not currently on the market.

What sort of view does it have?

It is not what I am looking for.

I am looking for unfurnished accommodation.

How long has it been on the market?

How far is it from the nearest station?

Are there any local shops?

How far is it from the city centre?

Is there a school nearby?

Are pets allowed?


Knowing how to use “there is” and “there are” when you’re looking for a flat will come in very handy. Make sure you listen to the podcast and learn them correctly.

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