Elementary english course

The Intermediate’s level is made for those who already have an intermediate English level.

You will find 24 study units (approximately 101 hours) within this level. You will learn to use past, present and future tense, auxiliar and modal verbs.

You will also get to speak fluently as you will have learned a 634 new word vocabulary.

You will study English in a very easy and funny way the following grammatical structures:

Modal verbs


Can: questions, requests and permission

Polite requests – Could you …?, May I …?

Questions with modal verbs

Must and to have to

Questions with must and to have to

Negative sentences must, should, …

Conditional sentences with the present

Conditional sentences with the future

Conditional sentences with will – can, must, may, might

if – unless, in case, …

to be in the Simple Past in the affirmative

to be in the Simple Past in the negative

to be in the Simple Past in questions and answers

there is – there are in the simple past

Regular verbs

Regular verbs in Simple Past

Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs in the Simple Past

Simple Past in questions and negative sentences

can in Simple Past

to have to in the Simple Past

Question tags in the simple past

Please review our online English course’s methodology