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When you’re learning English, you should immerse yourself in the language to get better results since theory alone isn’t enough. Fortunately, the internet allows us to access an exorbitant amount of content in English in all formats and videos are the preferred format of many for both entertainment and educational purposes.

With easy English videos for beginners, what you’re interested in is understanding what’s being said. For this, the film’s production is very helpful. The visual stimulus makes it easier for the brain to understand what’s happening, whether it’s the plot of a movie or the body language and didactic elements of a lecture.

At ABA English, we also have all the possible resources for you to learn and practice with, to such an extent that we have produced our own videos for you. We want to present our content to you and introduce you to our new method—we know you’ll love it.

Do you want to learn using English videos for beginners?

To begin, we must make an important distinction. An English class can also be on video, either live or pre-recorded. In this case, we’d be talking about an educational video, where you’d learn new grammatical concepts, ways to develop your language skills, resolve doubts, etc.

On the other hand, there are also videos in English for entertainment purposes, which aren’t lessons. With this type of video, you’d be practicing and strengthening your listening skills—and even your reading skills if they have English subtitles.

Both types of videos can be part of your learning process. They are very valid resources and will be useful as long as the subject and difficulty are appropriate for your English level. For now, if you’re just starting out, you should look for videos with a basic level of English.

English Videos for Beginners

Take your English to the next level with videos for beginners

Tips for learning English by watching easy English videos for beginners

You have to be picky

If you search for ‘videos to learn English for beginners’ on Google, you’ll get thousands of results. Which one should you choose? First, check the source. It’s better if it comes from an academy or institution dedicated to teaching English. Second, read the summary, reviews, and comments, if any. Third, make sure the topic interests you.

Be consistent

You may not understand everything at first. This may be uncomfortable, but if you give up, you’ll be losing a very valuable practice tool. If you found a video to be complicated, look for another more suitable one. Persist. We can assure you that with frequent practice, you’ll be able to see progress and this will be very gratifying.

Passive listening isn’t enough

If you aren’t focused on the dialogue, which is what you want to practice, it will go in one ear and out the other. If you really want to take advantage of the exercise, try repeating the dialogues or transcribing them. Now if the topic really interests you, don’t use subtitles. Your brain will have to work a little harder to understand and this will keep your listening active.

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FAQs about English videos for beginners

What is a beginner?

You’re a beginner when you’re just starting to learn and have contact with English and know very little. In technical terms, you’d be at the A1 level of the CEFR, which implies understanding and using simple everyday expressions aimed at satisfying immediate needs.

What types of videos can I find?

Anything you can imagine. You’ll find everything from classes that teach you the verb to be to the colors, greetings, or children’s programs that teach basic English. You can also find depictions of everyday situations by native actors, so that you can identify the correct way to express yourself, like in ABA Films.

Can these be long videos?

We recommend watching short videos in English for beginners, but you don’t have to limit yourself. If you want to watch long videos, we recommend that not exceeding your comprehension capacity since saturation or fatigue will have negative effects. You can also break up the videos so that you have time to process the information and oxygenate your brain a little.

Can I use the subtitles in my native language?

If absolutely necessary, yes. For example, you can use subtitles in your mother tongue for English class videos where more advanced language is used to correctly explain basic concepts. The problem with subtitles, where there is spoken English in learning videos for beginners, is that your attention will be focused on reading and you’ll ignore the audio. So, in this case, your training will be unproductive.

Improve your English by watching short videos with ABA English

We’re the online English academy with more than 30 million students. So, you can be sure that we’ve included all the resources that will support your learning. Let us share some of our advantages with you:

Our course

The ABA English digital academy offers you a complete course with 6 CEFR levels and 144 units. Within the course, you’ll find exactly the kind of videos you need, our ABA Films, which are cinema-quality short films with native actors in everyday situations. You’ll also find grammar video classes where native teachers will explain the topics you must master.

Our method

All our resources are based on our Smart Learning® method, which promotes learning through entertainment. We want you to enjoy your learning, so if you like videos, you’ll have access to many fun videos that we’ve designed to teach you language concepts or help you practice.

Our app

We have an app so you can practice anywhere and at any time. Inside this app, you’ll find a Daily Plan that contains microlessons, among other things. These are video lessons on key English topics that are short and entertaining. They also come with exercises to supplement your practice.

English Videos for Beginners

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