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The B2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) represents an upper-intermediate level of mastery of the English language. At this level, you should understand the main ideas in complex texts, interact spontaneously and without difficulty with English speakers, and be able to produce detailed texts on various topics.

Lord Kelvin, an important physicist and mathematician from the 19th century, said that anything that can be measured can be improved. At ABA English, we want to be your allies in your journey to English proficiency. That’s why we want you to be conscious of your progress. With our B2 English test, you’ll know your starting point and will be able to set your goals. We’ll always be at your side so that you can continue to advance in your learning. We’re going to introduce you to our special method to help you achieve just that.

What is a B2 level English test?

You’re the master of your learning process, so you must define your goals and the strategy to achieve them. Part of this process involves evaluating your knowledge frequently. This is because having proof of your progress will show you what you’re doing correctly and will help you stay motivated.  

A free B2 test is a simulation of an official certification exam. What’s the difference? You won’t receive a certificate, it won’t be as complex, and your score will be an approximation, not as accurate as the official tests.

ABA English has developed a free B2 English test online for you, which consists of a few questions that you can answer from your computer, tablet, or smartphone in just a few minutes. We’ve based it on specific grammar and vocabulary knowledge at the B2 level so that we can accurately assess your level with just a few questions.

B2 English Test

How do I know if I’m ready for the B2 level English test?

We want you to see the B2 online English test as part of your learning process, not as a goal that can be represented by an official test. You shouldn’t be afraid of the test since it’s just a preliminary diagnosis. But to make you feel more confident, please make sure you master the following topics.


You must know all the verb tenses and how to conjugate them correctly. Use modal verbs to recommend, prohibit, etc. Use the conditionals correctly. You also need to be familiar with reported speech and the passive voice.


On the Cambridge website, you’ll find a list of vocabulary for this level. This list is a good starting point, but it won’t cover all the vocabulary you should know. You should also know collocations, which are words that have a specific meaning when used together.

The 4 Skills

    • Reading: Make sure you can understand the meaning and main ideas of newspaper articles, opinion columns, and literary texts.
    • Listening: You’ll need to understand movie plots, radio shows, conversations, and conferences on both general and special topics.
    • Writing: Practice writing complex, structured, and organized texts. The purpose of this isn’t only to make yourself understood but to use the language correctly.
    • Speaking: You’ll have to be able to express yourself fluently enough to maintain a conversation with a native speaker.

Take the B2 English test and check your level

Tips for passing the B2 English test

Review the different subjects

The internet is full of information about the different topics covered at each CEFR level. Before taking your B2 test in English, do some exploring and review the topics you feel like you need to improve. You may have forgotten some of them because of a lack of use.

Do some research before choosing

You’ll have hundreds of test options, some for academic purposes and others for commercial purposes. Research each one to avoid taking a test that won’t give you a reliable result. You can try our free B2 English test online – it’s backed by all the academic experience that ABA English has to offer.

Keep calm

This isn’t an official test, but it can give you valuable information about your strengths and weaknesses when using the language. Carefully read each question and examine the possible answers. Remember that these tests are simplified for your convenience, which makes them very detail oriented. Concentrate because you’ll find that the answers are very similar (on purpose) and you may even feel that there’s more than one correct option.

ABA English will be your ally to pass this test as well as any future ones

Your B2 English test is just a snapshot of your knowledge at the time you take it. Beyond that lies your goal of perfecting your English. For this, you can also count on us. Here are just some of our advantages.

The Smart Learning® method

We want you to enjoy yourself while you learn. That’s why our Smart Learning® method is based on the fact that the brain responds best to favorable stimuli. That means, if you like something, your mind classifies it as important and will absorb it more easily.

Our resources

With our app, you can enjoy all of our material and learn from anywhere at any time. We create and update our content constantly so you can always learn with what you like. You’ll be able to access microlessons, Speaking Sessions, podcasts, articles, and many other resources so that you never miss a practice session.

Study plans

We have a certified course with 144 units that covers all the topics that form part of the six levels in the CEFR, from A1 to Business. It’s also aligned with the certification needs from the most prestigious institutions. But that’s not all! In addition to the course, we have a customized Daily Plan for you with the right activities for you to practice daily. 

B2 English Test

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