The CAE Test

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If your dream is to travel the world and meet people from other countries, get an international scholarship, or work in a recognized multinational, it’s important for you to have an excellent command of English and reach the advanced or C1 level.

It’s also important for you to take a CAE test, like the one offered by ABA English, to verify your knowledge level. This will allow you to take the next step and make a decision that could be a turning point in your personal, academic, and/or professional life.

Achieving this is easier than you may think. With the innovative Smart Learning® study method developed by ABA English, the digital English academy, you’ll be able to acquire the knowledge you need in a way that is different and very entertaining. You’ll love it!

Why should I take a CAE practice test?

If you want to know for sure that you’re ready to take a highly demanding exam like the Certificate in Advanced English, also known as C1 Advanced, the best thing you can do is to take the CAE Cambridge test from ABA English.

Like our innovative Smart Learning® method, the CAE English test is designed according to the levels established by the CEFR. Some additional benefits of the test include the fact that it only takes a few minutes to complete, you can do it online, and, as if that weren’t enough, it’s free.

The CAE Test

What will it take to successfully pass the CAE test?

It’s natural for the word ‘test’ to generate a bit of anxiety. But if you want to obtain excellent results on the free CAE online test from ABA English, you must set your emotions aside and dedicate some time to reviewing the topics that are evaluated at the advanced level. Remember that if you want to pass with flying colors, you’ll need:

1. Accuracy

Use the right words to avoid using any terms that could change the meaning of what you want to express.

2. Mastery

Show that you understand the nuance of language, can identify implicit meanings, and can even figure out wordplay easily.

3. Knowledge

Correctly using complex grammatical structures and having a good understanding of topics such as compound adjectives, modal and reporting verbs, relative clauses, collocations, passive and active voice, participles and phrasal verbs, etc., will allow you to express yourself correctly and naturally.

4. Practice

Reviewing the topics that are most difficult for you will help you to have a good foundation and will also allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge to excel on the CAE English test.

Take the ABA English test and check your level

4 surefire tips to pass the online CAE Cambridge test

1. Strengthen your language skills

Practice, practice, practice. That’s the key to perfecting your skills. Remember that CAE practice tests are an abbreviated version of the C1 Advanced exam and so evaluate general knowledge as well as specific knowledge at the C1 level.

2. Every question is important

Pause at each question, analyze it thoroughly, and if necessary, read it twice before choosing the answer you consider most appropriate. Taking the test without rushing will help you reduce your margin of error.

3. Be confident

Feeling a bit nervous when taking the CAE test is only natural. You need to be confident in your knowledge and remember that you have all the skills to get excellent results. You can do it!

4. Clear up all your doubts

Uncertainty makes for bad company. Remove any doubts, no matter how small they may seem. Only then will you be prepared to pass the test without any problems.

Prepare to successfully pass the free CAE online test with ABA English

CAE, test, practice… These three terms undoubtedly represent important activities along your path to learning English. But you don’t have to think about these words independently anymore. ABA English has managed to integrate them masterfully and the CAE practice tests that we’ve developed for you are the result.

To successfully pass it, prepare yourself with the tools that our academy provides:

The Smart Learning® method

One of the biggest advantages of preparing with this learning experience is that, unlike traditional methods, it adjusts to your schedule and takes into account your particular interests so that you learn with what you like.

ABA Live

Connect to our Speaking Sessions to practice and clear up your doubts with the expert teachers who moderate them. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world who have the same level of English.

An English course

You can choose our B2/C1 Advanced course, designed for students to perfect their language skills, and/or the C1 Business course, aimed at strengthening business English. Any of these options will allow you to access entertaining ABA Films starring native speakers from different countries.

An interactive app

Download it to the device you choose and take a level test when you enter. Get access to a Daily Plan and receive personalized content that is updated daily, such as microlessons, interactive exercises, grammar video classes, and a wide variety of podcasts.

The CAE Test

Are you ready to take the CAE test?

For students who plan to take the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam, it’s essential to be certain that you’ve surpassed the upper-intermediate or B2 level and have moved on to C1 before you decide to schedule your test date. That’s why we at ABA English have designed our free CAE online test.

Don’t wait any longer. Try this useful tool and discover your true English level easily and quickly. Good luck!