Aptis Speaking

Pass the Aptis speaking test

Aptis is a multi-level English test developed by the British Council. Its popularity cleared it a path through the different options available on the market. It’s currently recognized by various institutions in Europe and Latin America.

It’s considered the most modern, flexible, and quickest multi-level English exam in the market and is perfect when you need to obtain your certificate quickly.

Its results are governed by the CEFR and its objective is to evaluate your knowledge in skills like listening, reading, writing, and speaking. But, unlike other tests, it also includes a section on grammar and vocabulary.

Before you take the Aptis speaking test, you need to prepare yourself with a unique and innovative method that breaks free from traditional approaches, adjusting itself to your schedule and preferences. This will be essential to improve your Aptis speaking skills and acquire the fluency you need to be certified successfully.

We’ll tell you more about the Smart Learning® method, a learning experience based on materials designed by prestigious universities and the levels from Cambridge and, of course, the CEFR.

Practice your speaking. The Aptis is waiting!

You opted for a flexible test, which fits everything that you’re looking for and need. But you must bear in mind that it’s essential to strengthen all your language skills if you want to obtain the best results.

There can be no doubt that they’re all equally important, but Aptis speaking practice will help you feel more confident when you have to talk to other people in English and, of course, when you take the test.

Aptis Speaking

Tips for speaking with confidence

The Aptis speaking test, in particular, is a test that allows candidates to make recordings that will be listened to and evaluated by experts from the British Council. If you want to get a good score, keep the following tips in mind for your Aptis speaking practice:

1. Prepare your speaking

The Aptis is a flexible test, but it’s also demanding. This is something that you can’t forget. Try to take advantage of every opportunity to get Aptis speaking practice. Songs, for example, are a great resource to improve your speaking AND discover new artists!

2. Have a study plan

Here, frequent practice takes center stage. Spend a few minutes each day perfecting this skill. The ABA English app offers you a Daily Plan personalized according to your tastes so that you can constantly improve your skills.

3. Compare

An effective way to ensure that you’re pronouncing a word or phrase correctly is to compare it to a native speaker. You can do this while watching a movie or documentary and you’ll lose your fear of speaking English.

4. Interact with other people

Video conferences are a great tool. If you have English-speaking friends, don’t miss out on this opportunity to talk to them.

Reach the level of speaking you need and schedule your Aptis test date

The Aptis speaking test: Everything you need to know

What’s tested in the Aptis speaking test?

It mostly evaluates the ability to communicate in English: grammatical accuracy, the correct use of verb tenses, vocabulary management, correct pronunciation, fluency, and coherence when combining different sentences.

How many parts does this section have?

It is divided into 4 parts and lasts 12 minutes.

What does Aptis speaking part 1 involve?

In this part of the test, you have to talk about your personal life and interests. Try to answer each question in 30 seconds.

What do they ask in Aptis speaking part 2?

You have to describe a picture and answer questions about it. Try to answer each question you’re asked in 45 seconds.

What should I do in Aptis speaking part 3?

In this part, you’ll have to compare two pictures and give your opinion. Again, you should try to respond to every question in 45 seconds.

What is Aptis speaking part 4 about?

The examiner will ask you three questions about one topic. You’ll have one minute to take notes and prepare your answer, and two minutes to speak.

Practice your speaking with ABA English

Before taking the Aptis exam, you must practice and improve your speaking skills. ABA English offers you the possibility to do this using a wide variety of resources and technological tools that will facilitate the learning process so that you can pass the Aptis speaking test without any problems.

More than 30 million students in 170 countries around the world have already experienced the benefits of the revolutionary Smart Learning® method. You can, too! Improve your speaking skills by using the tools that ABA English offers to learn at your own pace:

Live-streaming classes

Interact with native teachers and other students in the Speaking Sessions. Meet people from all over the world, improve your vocabulary, and correct your mistakes without feeling that your errors are unforgivable.

Listen-Record-Compare technology

This technology allows you to record your voice and compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker. This will help you improve your pronunciation and feel more confident when speaking. Practice and have fun!

Lectures by experts

ABA English is always thinking about your preferences. There’s nothing better than learning while having fun. That’s why we offer you lectures by experts on the topics that interest you the most.

Aptis Speaking

I’m ready for the Aptis speaking test!

Speaking fluently and without mistakes isn’t something you can achieve overnight, but it’s something you can achieve when you put all your effort into reaching your goals. Trust your abilities and make your dreams come true.

ABA English will support you throughout the learning process with its innovative Smart Learning® method. Try this wonderful experience that will help you improve your speaking skills and get the results you expect from the Aptis speaking test.

Aptis Speaking
Aptis Speaking
Aptis Speaking