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Cambridge University may be the most recognized institution in the field of assessing and certifying the level of English as a second language. They have five certificates with different levels, the most basic being the KET. This is currently called A2 Key since it corresponds to the A2 level of the CEFR and its aim is to ensure that you can communicate in simple, everyday situations.

The KET writing test is probably the most difficult of these exams since to pass it, you’ll need to know grammar, vocabulary, useful expressions, and how to write different types of texts. For this reason, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself with a course that contains all the grammar and other elements from the A2 level, but it’d be even better to prepare yourself with ABA English.

Do you write a lot in English?

It’s often difficult for us to write well even in our native language, so it’s understandable that the same is true in English. Besides, if we’re not in an academic or professional environment that requires us to write in English, we won’t have much need or motivation to do so. 

Each language’s grammar is different. For example, in Spanish, the adjective comes after the subject, while in English it’s the other way around. The same might happen in your native language – or something completely different. To identify these grammatical structures, we must start by reading a lot of texts in English before starting to write. 

At ABA English, we understand your needs. That’s why we provide you with a great variety of resources you can use to strengthen your communication skills.

KET Writing

Tips to pass the KET writing

1. Read more

Like with a puzzle, you have to see the full picture to know how to assemble the pieces. Along the same lines, as you read, you’ll identify the correct way to write. Even better, you’ll develop your own style and enrich your vocabulary.

2. Plan ahead

You can’t guess what the different sections of your KET writing test will cover, but you can find several options to help you anticipate and prepare. Learn how to write emails, formal letters, reviews, and other types of texts.

3. Learn expressions

You may already have developed your writing style; that’s a great achievement. But you’ll have to complete sentences with words and expressions that you may not have mastered yet. ABA English will help you achieve this with a curriculum that meets the qualification requirements from Cambridge and others. Each of our lessons and exercises is intended to teach you a topic or strengthen a skill that will probably appear on the test, so you’ll certainly find KET writing activities in our content.

4. Make yourself clear

Keep in mind that we usually write for others. It’s a good idea to make sure that the person you’re writing to clearly understands what you mean, especially when they’re the ones grading your test. Don’t you have an opinion about your writing? At ABA English, we promote communication between students and teachers in our Speaking Sessions. With us, you’ll have the support you need to perfect your writing.

Start practicing your writing with ABA English!

Do you have any questions? Check out these FAQs

Should I handwrite the test?

In most test centers, you’ll have a choice between taking a computer- or paper-based test. We recommend the computer; you’ll have a text editor for easier corrections and will be sure they understand your handwriting.

How much should I write?

Since the KET is the most basic Cambridge exam, you’ll be required to write very short texts of approximately 25 to 35 words. You must be concise and clearly express the important ideas they ask you to convey.

Can I take practice tests?

Yes, to make it easier for you to get KET writing practice, the official Cambridge English website not only gives you the most current tests to download, so you know that KET writing activities to practice, but also lists the vocabulary used in the test.

How is the writing test structured?

The writing test is linked to the reading test but contains 4 exclusive writing sections. In KET Writing Part 1, you’ll have to complete words. In KET Writing Part 2, you’ll have to insert words from a list into a short text. In KET Writing Part 3, you’ll have to fill in a form based on one or two texts that you’ll read previously. In KET Writing Part 4, you’ll have to write a short message according to the instructions given to you.

The advantages of preparing with ABA English

We have experience, Lorem Ipsum

We’re the digital English academy with a presence in more than 170 countries and with more than 30 million students. We’ve developed our curriculum in accordance with the levels of the CEFR and with the evaluation requirements from the main certifying institutions.

Our methodology is unique

Smart Learning® is about learning while enjoying. It’s been proven that what you like and are excited about turns into something important for your brain, so your brain memorizes and assimilates this information more easily. That’s why we strive to add and update our content so that you always find ways to learn with the materials you like.

We’re available

We have a certified course with 144 units and all the topics you need to prepare for your KET writing. But we also have an app through which you can not only access the course, but also most of our content, wherever and whenever you want.

KET Writing

Are you ready to start to prepare for KET writing with ABA English?

We invite you to enjoy all our content right now. You can log in and try our certified course. We’ll welcome you with an entertaining ABA Film that will help you learn to recognize the traditional expressions in English.

To improve your KET writing skills, we have microlessons, grammar video classes, Speaking Sessions to discuss writing and grammar topics, and channels to interact with teachers and other students, among many other resources. You’ll soon notice how your writing has improved.

KET Writing
KET Writing
KET Writing