FCE Speaking

Prepare yourself for the FCE speaking

The Cambridge certificates are recognized by thousands of companies and academic institutions around the world. The FCE (First Certificate in English), now called the B2 First, is designed to demonstrate that your communication skills will permit you to live and work in an English-speaking country.

On the FCE speaking test, you’ll have to speak for several minutes with an examiner and another person applying for the certificate. How do you feel when speaking English? At ABA English, we offer you the ideal space to get FCE speaking practice, either through our technological platform or by speaking live with other students and teachers.

Do you feel embarrassed about speaking in English?

The fear of speaking in English is rational, mainly because we feel embarrassed about our mistakes in pronunciation. Why does this happen? The phonetics of our language are different and the sounds we’re used to articulating sound strange in English. Have you noticed how many phonemes change their pronunciation?

The good news is that this fear can be overcome by the confidence you gain through practice. The bad news – not so bad – is that you have to risk failure to be able to correct your mistakes. At ABA English, we invite you to express yourself from the beginning and we promote communication between our students. We want you to feel comfortable speaking in English and to surprise your First Certificate speaking examiner with outstanding pronunciation.

FCE Speaking

Tips for preparing for the First Certificate speaking

Put the following recommendations to work and you’ll perform better on your First Certificate speaking test:

1. Learn to talk about yourself

In the first part, you’ll be asked about yourself. You should practice providing your personal information and expressing your opinions. You’ll be asked about your interests, studies, lifestyle, etc.

2. Build your confidence

Nervousness can make the test more difficult, so you must convince yourself of what you’re capable of achieving and master the interview like a boss. Practice a lot, correct your mistakes, and speak fluently.

3. It’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it

While you’re required to answer coherently, you won’t be asked for the “right” answer. Remember that they’re evaluating your ability to express yourself, not your knowledge of specific topics. Practice speculating, suggesting, justifying opinions, and expressing agreement or disagreement.

4. Don’t remain silent

Think fast, learn to be spontaneous, and give developed answers. You shouldn’t respond in single-syllable words. In the third and fourth parts of the test, you’ll have to debate with another candidate, so you should be the one to take the initiative.

Join ABA English and get ready to pass your FCE successfully!

FAQs about the First Speaking test

How many parts does the test have?

It has three parts. The FCE Speaking Part 1 consists of answering personal questions. In FCE Speaking Part 2, you’ll have to discuss some pictures that you’ll be given with your partner. In FCE Speaking Part 3, you’ll have to perform a task with your partner and the dialogue between the two of you will be evaluated.

What if my partner is shy or very talkative?

You’re evaluated separately, but you must learn to handle this kind of situation. Take advantage of your time, take the initiative, ask questions, etc. Keep in mind that they evaluate the handling of interactive communication, so you can’t perform a monologue without your partner.

Should my language be formal or informal?

Informal, just like the topics you are going to discuss. Practice English expressions and connectors to make your conversation sound very natural. If you’re going to use idioms, keep in mind that the other candidate may not have mastered them, so it’s not a good idea to distort the conversation.

What happens if I don’t understand the instructions?

You can ask the examiner to repeat or clarify something for you. But it would be better to anticipate this through excellent preparation. At ABA English, we’ll help you to increase your confidence and will guide you to get the best possible results.

Can my accent affect my score?

Your accent isn’t a factor in the evaluation, but your pronunciation is. Your accent won’t be a problem unless it makes understanding you difficult.

Benefits that you’ll only find with ABA English

Experience and enjoy English

You’ll love our Smart Learning® method. We want you to learn with what you like and we strive to ensure that you always find content that matches your interests. With us, you learn while watching a video or listening to a song you like.

Whenever and wherever you want

We offer a wide range of resources in our app. There, you’ll have access to your Daily Plan, which includes microlessons, exercises, and various activities that will enhance your progress from the comfort of your smartphone.

LRC® Technology

If you choose our course, the first thing you’ll find will be an ABA Film, a movie-quality clip with native actors. After watching the short film, you’ll repeat the dialogues and will be able to compare your pronunciation with that of the performers thanks to our LRC® technology (Listen, Record, Compare). You’ll be practicing your speaking while imitating the pronunciation, accent, and intonation of native speakers.

You’re one of us

We’re the digital English academy with a presence in over 170 countries and with more than 30 million students, so we want you to be able to talk to other students. Our Speaking Sessions will allow you to talk about your topics of interest. If you prefer, you can also talk about vocabulary or grammar issues to complement your learning.

FCE Speaking

Are you still unsure about trying ABA English?

We know what the First Certificate speaking test requires of you. That’s why we designed our study plans to respond to the certification requirements of the different testing and grading institutions. This means that if you prepare yourself with ABA English, you’ll increase your probability of being successfully certified. 

What are you waiting for? Download our educational app or register on our website and start your process of FCE speaking practice and preparation.

FCE Speaking
FCE Speaking
FCE Speaking