Aptis Reading

How to prepare for the Aptis reading test

Aptis is a certificate issued by the British Council. To get it, you can choose the test(s) you want to take. This is useful if you need to prove your level in one or more of the language skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

In this article, we’ll focus on the Aptis reading test. If this interests you, you’ll find some general information about the test, what you need to know, some tips, and the innovative resources that we provide to help you pass the test.

What do I need to know about Aptis reading?

The Aptis reading test will allow you to be assigned one of the language levels established by the CEFR. The level assigned to you by the test can range from A1 to C2. 

In the four parts that make up this test, you’ll be given increasingly complex tasks to evaluate your reading skills

You’ll have to demonstrate that you’re able to read and understand different types of texts in English, that you can interpret a sentence in relation to others, and that you can connect words, sentences, and paragraphs. In short, they’ll evaluate your understanding of the cohesion of a text. 

The goal of the test will be to define how you perform in reading at different levels of difficulty. First simple sentences, then short texts, and finally, the ability to read and understand longer texts. This is true for both the Aptis Advanced reading as well as the other versions of the test.

Aptis Reading

Expert tips for preparing the Aptis reading test

We all have different styles and rhythms for learning. There are no general rules. Nevertheless, our experience with more than 30 million students worldwide gives us the authority to offer you the following tips to improve your Aptis reading skills:

1. Read about what you like

Feel free to read Hamlet or Pride and Prejudice. But it’s also okay if you’re more of a Harry Potter fan or follow celebrity news or read the latest developments in your favorite sport—the important thing is to read!

2. Find what’s right for you

Don’t jump into readings that are impossible, but don’t stick to texts that are too easy either. It’s better to read texts that you can understand but that also present you with new challenges or structures.

3. Discipline matters

This may sound like a cliché, but when learning a language, dedication and perseverance will do you a world of good. Our Daily Plan, for example, not only helps you get organized but also offers you texts in a variety of entertaining formats and topics, based on your tastes.

4. Carry a notebook

Don’t settle for reading fluently and quickly. To improve your reading for Aptis, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to understand and interpret the text. Use your notebook to extract key ideas or write down new vocabulary.

Seize the opportunity and pass your Aptis reading test with flying colors!

FAQs about Aptis reading

To be certified in Aptis reading, do I need to pass all the other skills?

No. Aptis has a general component of grammar and vocabulary that will always be present, but you can choose whether to take all or only some of the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills tests. The British Council will issue a certificate according to your level for each specific skill, which can range from A1 to C2.

Should I choose the General or Advanced version?

In either version, you can choose to have your reading skills certified. Note that the Aptis Advanced reading is more suited to a C1 or C2 level. If you feel like you’re at an intermediate level, we recommend the General version, which covers the range from A1 to B2.

Is it possible to prepare using past tests?

Yes. With a simple online search, you can find past versions of tests to use for Aptis reading practice. In fact, the British Council’s website offers a practice test, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the types of tasks in the test, the exam interface, and your level.

ABA English will help you pass the Aptis reading test

We know that there are many ways to study English and that you need to choose wisely from the many alternatives. Here, we want to tell you about the resources we have and why we’re the best option to help you prepare for your Aptis reading:

Personalized content

We base everything on the fact that you learn best when you use what you like. Smart Learning® is a personalized method with which you learn at your own pace. It offers reading content that is tailored to your level, preferences, and interests.

A study plan

Practice makes perfect. That’s why ABA English offers you a Daily Plan where you’ll find new content in different formats to add variety to your experience: articles, notes, stories, interviews, and more.

Direct contact with the language

As part of the experience, you’ll have access to microlessons, which are short video classes designed to improve your English skills in just a few minutes each day. You’ll also be able to interact with native teachers and students from all over the world in the Speaking Sessions.

Track your progress

There are many exercises designed for you that you can use to track your progress alongside assessments that will test your reading ability.

Aptis Reading

What else does ABA English have for you?

We’re pioneers in the revolutionary Smart Learning® method, with which we offer you a complete learning experience. With the ideal balance between content created for you and the structure required by an official certificate, learning will be a lot more fun!

Along with this, our study plan, which is 100% online, includes the latest guidelines from Cambridge, the CEFR, and other certified sources in its structure. So, you can be sure that its content will help you to efficiently prepare for your Aptis reading test as well as for any other certificate.

Are you ready?

Aptis Reading
Aptis Reading
Aptis Reading