FCE Writing

How to prepare for FCE writing

Cambridge is the most well-known organization in the world when it comes to certifying your level of English. The FCE (First Certificate in English), now known as the B2 First, is the certificate that qualifies you to live, work, or study in an English-speaking country.

The First Certificate exam evaluates all language skills. Among these, the writing test is one of the most complicated. To pass the FCE writing test, you’ll need comprehensive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as well as of how to write different types of texts.

ABA English knows what you need to improve your skills to pass the writing for the First Certificate. That’s why we’ve prepared this article full of important information about the test along with tips on how to prepare for it.

Do you know what a cover letter is?

A cover letter is normally attached to a résumé when applying for a job. It explains your reasons for applying for the job and talks a little bit about your qualifications for the position. This is just one of the common types of texts you might have to compose during your test.

Preparing by yourself is an option, but you’ll get better results with ABA English. We have the experience and resources required to guide you through the process – plus, we make it fun. We’re sure that if you enjoy yourself, you’ll learn more.

FCE Writing

FCE Writing Guide: Some tips for the First Certificate writing test

1. Learn by reading

 If you want to write like a native or someone with a very high level of English, you must understand how they do it. As you read, you’ll learn to identify the correct writing styles and ways of writing. Don’t forget that by diversifying your reading, you’ll be able to adapt to different types of texts.

2. The essay is mandatory

The first part of the writing test asks you for an essay of between 140 and 190 words, providing you with a title and two ideas related to the text. You must write an essay with your opinion on the topic, including the two ideas given and a third one of your own. Practice writing essays with three points about random topics

3. Practice with different types of texts

The second part of the writing test will ask you to choose one text from three possible formats. These may include articles, letters, reviews, emails, or reports, among others. Since you won’t know what you’ll get that day, practice writing various types of texts using a structure consisting of a title, introduction, development, and conclusion.

Try ABA English and improve your writing for the First Certificate

Questions? Here’s our FAQ about the First Certificate writing

Is the test paper based?

Not necessarily. It can be computer based, meaning completed on a PC in one of the examination centers. Almost all of the centers will allow you to choose between a computer-based or paper-based test. Keep in mind that by choosing the computer, you’ll have a text editor and all the advantages that this entails.

How long are the texts?

Both the essay in the first part and the selected text in the second part should be between 140 and 190 words in length. This is relatively short, only about 12 to 15 lines over 3 to 4 paragraphs. Avoid handing in an unfinished text. You can exceed the limit, but not by much or it will be counterproductive.

What happens if I don’t know the subject of the text?

You improvise. Even though the FCE writing prompts are from the general domain, if you feel lost, just try to develop the ideas you’ve been given. No matter what, if you have to add to it, make sure you write something coherent.

Are there any practice tests?

Yes, but in this specific writing section, they aren’t as useful as in the other sections. They’ll only give you an idea of the types of text required. To better prepare for your First Certificate writing, come practice with us. At ABA English, we’ll help you strengthen your writing skills without making you feel overwhelmed.

What does ABA English have that traditional courses don’t?


 We understand that each student has a different learning process and we adapt to their needs and tastes. That’s why we’re constantly creating and updating our content, so you can always find something that fits your interests.

A unique method

We’ve created the Smart Learning® method, which promotes learning from an experiential and emotional perspective. We know that if you like something, it’s important to you. And if it’s important, you assimilate it better. That’s why we combine entertainment and training. We want you to always enjoy our content while you learn, so you’ll want to learn more and more.


We’re more than just a course. We do offer a certified course with 144 units and all the pertinent topics to prepare you for the FCE. In addition, we have an app that allows you to advance daily in your course and other learning activities, without schedules, from your smartphone, and at any time and in any place.

FCE Writing

What’s keeping you from beginning your writing prep with ABA English?

We understand the importance of these certifications. That’s why we’ve designed our content in accordance with the certification requirements from Cambridge and the other evaluating and certifying institutions.

Our grammar and vocabulary lessons are based on real, everyday situations. You’ll have many lessons, podcasts, and articles that show you how to write different types of texts by simply applying the theory. Improve your writing for the First Certificate with us and soon, you’ll have enough training and practice to feel confident when writing any type of text you might need for the test.

FCE Writing
FCE Writing
FCE Writing